• Saudi set to execute Filipino


    ANOTHER overseas Filipino worker (OFW) could be executed in Saudi Arabia next month unless his family could raise SAR4 million (P45 million) as “blood money,” Vice President Jejomar Binay said on Friday.

    Binay, who is the presidential adviser on OFWs Concerns, said the execution of Joselito Zapanta can be halted only when the family of his victim was paid.

    The Vice President once again appealed for donations to raise the blood money needed to save Zapanta.

    “I am appealing to our fellow Filipinos to help raise the blood money for Zapanta,” he said.

    According to Binay, the deadline to settle the demands of the victim’s heirs is November 3. He said the deadline had been extended thrice just so the amount can be raised.

    Zapanta was sentenced to death by the Saudi court for killing his landlord’s accountant, a Sudanese, as well as stealing SAR 3,000.00 and two mobile phones from the latter.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said SAR 520,831.05 had been raised so far.


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    1. I admire the Saudi gov’t. for being strict in enforcing their laws most specially for thieves. Pnoy, De Lima and Morales should spend some time in Saudi Arabia to learn how they enforce their laws like in America- SWIFT JUSTICE, PUTOL any kamay.

      Pnoy’s gov’t must use the same tactics. NOT PADRINOS.

    2. Let him be punished for his wrong doing taking somebody’s life is a mortal sin and he should be held accountable for what he did…. 43 million can save more lives than saving this criminal life…

    3. The man is a criminal. He killed someone and stole stuff as well. Why should we donate money to prevent his execution? If you’re going to commit crime, you should be aware of the consequences. You have to be responsible.

      According to their law, execution is the punishment for the criminal’s crimes. There is no need for us to donate just to stop a criminal’s execution. The amount of 45 million can be used in other more efficient and worthy ways. Don’t waste money to save a criminal. Use money to save good people.

    4. The Joselito Zapanta Case was covered by the world media. Zapanta lost his temper in argument about his rent with his Sudanese Boss. He used a hammer to kill the man. Zapanta fenced the Sudanese Man’s Property with another Filipino, Karen Manalo. She served a prison sentence for receiving stolen property. He stole over $800,000 USD (P34.46 Million) from the boss. He, Zapanta, said it was an “accident” that he killed this man. Reading from this story and other newspapers, I saw nothing that said he was abused. This seems that Zapanta got angry and a killed a man. He is guilty. I have a hard time to accept that this man should be set free. The Saudi Punishment is barbarous and unwarranted. Punishment should be at 20 years plus added punishment for qualified theft. He is not an innocent man.

    5. This person is a muderer and a thief. He deserves what is coming to him. Why would you try to save him?

    6. Another Pinoy OFW is set to be punished for a crime he committed in another country. Another opportunity for media-hungry opportunists like Binay to once again parade in front of the media limelight and pretend that he cares for the plight of the working people. Makes Binay look good for the coming 2016 prez elections. All of us know that laws are enacted for each nation for a reason. And that when someone breaks those laws, that there are consequences for that. In the Philippines, the rich and politically-connected criminals are treated like celebrities and never get jailed in the regular penitentiary. The poor criminals on the other hand, well they get the full punishment.