(From an epic-in-progress)

Of transcendent reality
That pure consciousness.

One who treads
On the path of righteousness
On the road
Of bliss

Of the divine.

Even for just this moment
May one’s testament
Be in humbling one’s self before God.

The knees have eyes
For seeing in true seeing
Lies from facts

For discerning

Indeed kneeling Is
An act of knowing.

God sees the heart
Of man
The intention
Behind the surface
The real shape
Behind the illusion.

Understanding is experiencing
With the senses
Knowing is experiencing
With the soul.

Where is true seeing located?
True seeing springs from abundance
It springs from bliss
It flows from the wealth
Of the soul.

The soul knows that it
Beyond the senses
But humbles itself
In the act of pure be-ing.

Be-ing is prayerful kneeling.

‘My humility is not enough
a passport to kiss even the footsteps
of the Lord, but it is all that I have.’
Though even humility is
A blessing
From the Lord.

Be aware of these things
Just by simply be-ing.
Be aware that we are at war
Not against people and things
But against principalities.

Don’t believe for a moment
That the enemy is a person
For he is not.

The fear of the Lord
Is the beginning of all understanding.

With holy fear, one sees
Humility is oneness
With the universe of higher reality.

The exact measure of transcendence
Is in correlation with one’s humility.
The more humble one becomes
The more one sees with true understanding.

Someone in the act of prayerful kneeling
Sees everything in enlightened awareness.

To observe the enlightened middle-way
Is the wisdom in man
It is in itself meditation.
In one’s quest for transcendent reality
The knees bear the map.

As nature herself just be
So does the enlightened one
Simply rejoices in be-ing
And be-ing is prayerful kneeling.

‘I kneel and it is rest.’

Be-ing is the state
Of touching base
With the unknowable
With one’s knees firmly
On the ground
Romancing the dust
Where one’s mortality comes from.

You are humility
The most poetic aspect
In the entire equation
Of creation.

The truth is unknowable
Only the principles are knowable
Only the natural laws are certain
They lead one to the dawn of true seeing.
The conscience knows what is eternal
But the flesh only knows the temporal.

Man as a sentient creation
Is a creature of feelings
But feelings are temporal
And meditative awareness is
Seeing that it is so.

The ultimate expression
Of meditative awareness
Is be-ing.

And be-ing is prayerful kneeling.

It is a wonder how a lotus flower
Rises and blooms out ofthe mud
And murky water!

What shall I whisper to you now
So you will be a lotus flower?

What shall I hear at this very moment
So my pen may yield enlightenment?

What shall I whisper to you now
To answer all your questions?

How can one rejoice
In the company of the prince
Of death? How can one’s fragrance
Reach beyond the foul of this earth?
‘Let me be a speck of light
in a sea of darkest night.’

The enlightened one
Has to destroy the ego.

Among all the creatures on earth
Only man possesses the ego.

What is the ego?
Pride is different from ego.
As pride is one’s high valuation
Of certain human traits,
Ego is blindness that there is God
For it believes that it is god.

By transcendent knowledge
One is aware that humility Is
The holy whisper of the Creator
And through the eyes of love
One understands
That one remains earthbound
Even in flight.
How can you watch the ego
With the eyes of the ego?
How can you see
With the eyes of blindness?
Be a spectator also
Of your watchfulness.

Don’t get me wrong,
The physically blind
May actually see
Better than those who
Have perfect healthy eyes
As long as the blind man
Sees not through the eyes of the ego
But through the eyes of humility.
‘Blessed are those who haven’t seen
but believed, than those who have seen
and yet refuse to believe.’

Ego is the true blindness
It can trick the person to believe
That he sees when he really does not.

Lie down straight on your back
Imagine your feet burning in a pyre
The fire traveling from your feet upwards
To your legs, your knees, hips, stomach,
Torso, all your organs are being consumed
By the raging fire, then your neck,
Now the fire is burning your chin,
Your nose, your eyes and as the raging
Fire travels, observe that the ego is panicky,
It either works to put you to sleep
Or flood you with thoughts or images
That will make you forget the fire.
It doesn’t want to disappear.

But, you have just tricked the ego,
Now you see ego resides somewhere
Within you, that all along
It was making you believe
That it is you. The ego is not you.
Though all this time you may believe it is you.
But it is not you, for you are the one
Watching the ego as it panics.

I have just drawn you a map
For locating the ego,
But you see, you may draw
Your own map.
You are in a journey uniquely yours.

What is it that God whispered
To the wind that it looked for you
And caressed your face?


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