• Save the Republic


    The repulsion against Binay is understandable, but if we want a smooth and legitimate transition to take place, we have to accept Binay as a legitimate successor. I don’t see how he could be any worse than the current abusive president. He has got to be more rational, a quality lacking in the current administration. What the country needs is not a chaotic power grab by just any one group. Binay, being the sitting vice president could prove a smooth transition to a government which is not tainted by the unbridled corruption of the Aquino administration!
    Nieves Godinez

    Just a little leery about China. I feel it’s too risky to have China as strategic partner. I was shocked when I read one of their old adage saying: “Sometimes you have to kill a chicken to frighten the monkeys.” It was illustrative of their approach: China would coerce and make example out of their neighbors, internal dissenters, and internal independent movements (such as the Tibetan and Uighur efforts) for the purpose of bringing others into line.


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    1. Change the government first to revolutionary government headed by Military and selected Intellectuals , after things settled down hand over the power to Vice president. Then, convict Noynoy Aquino and friends that`s including Akbayan, Black and white movement and among others in the court of law. But , of course zealed Airports and ports to prevent them from escaping.