Saving energy this rainy season


As we enter the wettest months of the year, when floodwaters rise faster than the movement of traffic in EDSA, its best to avoid going out unnecessarily and just spend the day at home with your family.

With all the gadgets we have right now, you don’t have to go out to stay connected with your friends, and being at home can even be more enjoyable given the entertainment options centered on the television. Besides watching movies or playing games, those with “smart televisions,” can even do web browsing and social networking using just one device.

Unfortunately, most are concerned that the drawback of the long hours in front of the television will result in higher home electricity bill. But this does not have to be the case.  Long hours of enjoyment do not necessarily have to mean higher electricity bill especially with LEDTech TVs.

According to Devant TVs, LED technology is a key energy-saving component, which refers to the lighting system responsible for displaying images on the screen. LED’s efficient backlighting system is proven to consume 20 to 30 percent less power than conventional and plasma TVs.

This technology is available be it in the brand’s 50-inch 2D to 3D screen, ideal for movie buffs; the vivid motion TV for gamers; and the Smart 3D Internet TV for Internet addicts.


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