• Savvy storage spaces


    Remember, in the garage, basement or attic, shelves must be sturdy enough to hold heavy items such as toolboxes or sports equipment.

    IF the condition of your closets is one of your hang- ups, there’s some good news. Following four simple steps can make a big difference in your closets and maybe even your life.

    That’s the word from experts who say that many find that keeping their closets organized—the average American home has six—can mean less stress and help save time and money, too. To make sure your storage spaces are helping—not hindering-you, follow these easy steps.

    1) Start at the bottom. To get the most from your storage space, start at the floor and work your way up. Try placing a shoe organizer on the floor of an entryway closet to prevent shoes from piling up in the doorway.

    In a pantry, place bins or baskets on the floor to corral extra paper products. It’s a good idea to ensure that all items stored on the floor are safe for children and pets.

    2) Review the shelving. Adjust the height and style of your shelves to accommodate the items in the space. For instance, in the kitchen, roll-out storage drawers and Lazy Susans make it easy to find and reach that important ingredient or utensil.

    In the garage, basement or attic, shelves must be sturdy enough to hold heavy items such as toolboxes, seasonal decorations or sports equipment.

    One option, ClosetMaid® Heavy-Duty Wire Shelving, can be installed in both concrete and wood studs. The ventilated, sturdy system keeps items off the floor and creates a clear walkway for safer and easier access.

    3) Clear the clutter. In order to avoid clutter, your storage areas should be limited to essential items only. In your bedroom closet, keep out-of-style and unused clothing from competing for space with your favorite items. If the shoes don’t fit, or you wouldn’t wear those pants again, donate them.

    4) Keep it organized. Once you have an organized space or closet, make it easy to maintain. Use labeled bins or drawers to clearly show what is stored within and keep frequently used items easily accessible.

    Each month, review storage spaces to prevent unwanted and unused items from hiding out. When purposefully filled and strategically designed, storage spaces can be the key to a happier home life.

    For more information on solving storage and organization dilemmas, you can visit www.ClosetMaid.com. North American Precis Syndicate


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