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    Dental hygiene is one of the most overlooked problems of children in the country with nince out of every 10 Filipino children having cavity and 92.4 percent of all Filipinos having dental caries.

    It may not be as serious as other health issues but oral health greatly impacts the development of children, as well as their overall quality of life both physically and psychologically. It can influence how one looks, speaks, grows, and even socializes with others.

    Helping prevent tooth decay
    It is widely known that sweets are bad for the teeth. Xylitol, however, is an exception. It is a 100-percent natural sweetener that was first derived from birch trees in the 20th century.

    Initially it was used as a sugar substitute, comparable to table sugar or sucrose—but with only two-thirds the food energy and 75 percent of the calories.

    Lotte Xylitol is the first dental health gum in the Philippines and the only dental health gum recognized by the Philippine Dental Association. It is sugar-free because it contains over 50-percent xylitol as a sugar substitute. It reduces cavity-causing bacteria that feeds on sugar, and creates acids that dissolve tooth enamel resulting in tooth decay.

    It promotes saliva flow in order to maintain healthy pH levels in the mouth, which prevents the demineralization of tooth enamel. It removes food particles that may be left behind, and also helps remove stubborn tartar on teeth surfaces by promoting chewing action. This dental health gum keeps the teeth healthy and strong, prevents plaque and cavity build-up, and is effective in avoiding common dental problems such as bad breath and tooth decay.

    Zero cavity
    This year, the brand is launching the Make It Zero Program—a program that encourages Filipino parents’ commitment and support to zero cavities. The program not only aims to increase awareness on oral health through the education of parents, but also to empower them to share this knowledge with their families, and ultimately achieve a cavity-free life for the entire family.

    How can families improve their dental health? Besides visiting the dentist regularly, Lotte Xylitol strongly recommends that family members eat a well-balanced diet, brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day, and remember to floss after brushing. For maximum dental health, both children and adults should also chew on two pellets of the dental health gum four to five times on a daily basis.

    For more information, visit http://www.lottexylitolgum.com/.
    Ed Uy


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