• SBMA workers may lose jobs


    SUBIC BAY FREEPORT: Hundreds of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) employees face losing their jobs once the government agency starts implementing its planned reorganization here.

    The Manila Times source said reorganization is one of the requirements of the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) that SBMA has to comply with for the Salary Standardization Law that will be implemented very soon.

    In Monday’s media briefing, SBMA chairman Roberto Garcia confirmed the DBM directive for the government agency to trim its number of employees to 1,700, which is the original plantilla.

    “It’s a requirement by the DBM but we’re trying to find a way to address this as even with our current number of employees, the SBMA is still inadequate in terms of manpower in doing its tasks,” Garcia said.

    SBMA currently has 2,758 employees in its roster, with over a thousand hired as casual employees.

    Some 75 workers recently almost lost their jobs, but were subsequently recalled by the SBMA board of directors upon complaint.

    Garcia told the media that the 75 workers placed last in the performance evaluation, but this was belied even by supervisors and department heads, who said their performances were satisfactory.

    “These workers were deemed first to go in the reorganization process,” that’s is the real reason,” the source said.

    Another source cited the case of four firemen who were part of the 75 scheduled for mass termination, but their department head brought the case before the SBMA board, and their dismissal was aborted.

    The reorganization, according to a source, is going to be felt by SBMA workers in the coming days, and the number of SBMA workers gradually trimmed until the desired number meets the DBM requirement.

    Patrick Roxas


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