SC acts on complaints faced by court officials


ACTING on a letter complaint, the Supreme Court has ordered a survey of cases filed against court justices, judges and personnel.

In an en banc resolution promulgated by Clerk of Court Enriqueta Vidal, the Court directed the Office of the Chief Attorney “to conduct a survey of administrative cases in the last 15 years involving [court officials]and the members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines [IBP].”

“A report on the survey shall be submitted to the Court En Banc within three months from receipt of this resolution,” the resolution stated.

The Court also ordered its Chief Attorney to classify the amount of fines and the sentences imposed by the High Court.

The directive was issued after the Court received the letter that pointed to Dolores Lopez, the Supreme Court Chief Judicial Staff Officer (JSO), and Fernando Montalvo, the Court’s Supervising JSO, Checks Disbursement Division, as being involved in a money-lending operation where they charge usurious interest rates.

The Court said the survey is meant “to guide the justices of the [SC] in imposing the penalties in future cases so that the same or similar acts or infractions will be subjected to the same or similar penalties.”


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