SC affirms ouster of Ilocos mayor


THE Supreme Court (SC) affirmed a Commission on Elections (Comelec) decision disqualifying a former mayor in Ilocos Norte who was removed from the list of the candidates for a mayoral race there because of a pending case against her in the United States.

In an en banc decision signed by Clerk of Court Enriqueta Vidal, the Court dismissed the petition filed by former-Mayor Marynette Gamboa of Dingras, Ilocos Norte who led the town from 2007 to 2010.

The Comelec in a resolution barred Gamboa from seeking re-election as she has a pending case at the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies were searching for Gamboa who was arrested in January 1997 on suspicion of forgery and was released and had been attending hearings until she failed to show up in several court dates.

Gamboa’s case was used as basis of her disqualification. Her case went to a Comelec’s division until it reached the en banc.

When Gamboa did not receive favorable ruling, she went to the High Court to seek redress.

However, the high tribunal “resolved to dismiss the petition for [Gamboa’s] failure to sufficiently show that any grave abuse of discretion was committed by the [Comelec] in rendering the challenged resolutions, which, on the contrary, appear to be in accord with the facts and applicable law and jurisprudence.”


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  1. Sil Tolentino on

    If Gamboa was disqualified by the Comelec on the basis of a pending case against her in the US, how is it that Singson, who was convicted of drug case in HK was not disqualified from running for congressman of Ilocos Sur. This is a classic example of double standard dispensation of justice.

    • Graciano Canda on

      The difference is, in Singson’s matter the case was already decided and the jail sentence has been served while in Gamboa’s case, Gamboa ran away and surely her sentence was not served if she was convicted in absentia by Ventura County Sheriff’s Department in her forgery case.