SC to allow Marcos burial



    A majority of Supreme Court (SC) justices are poised to reject the petitions seeking to stop the burial of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB), court sources told The Manila Times.

    An unimpeachable source said several SC justices have manifested their intention to uphold President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to allow Marcos’ burial at the LNMB, argung it was issued by virtue of his “presidential prerogative.”

    The Manila Times was also able to gather the inputs of at least eight justices of the SC who shared their opinions on the issue. A head count of the justices showed that there was a sufficient number for the rendering of a decision junking the petitions.

    SC justices are scheduled to vote on the petitions on Tuesday, November 8.

    Another source inside the SC even noted that the number of justices poised to junk the petitions seeking to block Marcos’ burial at the LNMB could go up from eight to 10.

    Several justices contend that Marcos may be buried at the LNMB because there is no law prohibiting it and the order for his interment there was issued within the bounds of the President’s authority.

    Another SC source said Marcos has the right to be buried in “government property” as a former president and as a soldier who was even awarded a medal of valor.

    “Libingan ng mga Bayani is the cemetery for soldiers and presidents and there is no law law prohibiting him to be buried there. It is within the powers and prerogative of President Duterte,” the SC source pointed out.

    Only seven votes are needed to allow the burial of the late strongman and this can be easily mustered.

    There are only 14 justices set to vote on the petitions since Associate Justice Bienvenido Reyes has inhibited himself from the case. Reyes is a classmate of Duterte at the San Beda College of Law and also a close friend and business partner of former President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    The original ponente or writer of the decision was Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa who, in his draft, granted the petition and disallowed the burial of Marcos at the LNMB.

    The Caguioa draft decision was opposed by Associate Justice Diosdado Peralta who, in his draft dissenting opinion, denies the petitions to the case and grants the burial.

    Peralta opines that there was no grave abuse of discretion on the part of the Chief Executive in ordering the burial of Marcos at the LNMB.

    Once the Peralta decision gets the majority votes from the other justices, Caguioa’s draft decision will serve as the leading dissenting opinion in the case.

    The SC source said the votes “to watch” are the those of justices who have already shown their “actuations” against Marcos’ burial at the LNMB, namely: Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Aranal-Sereno and Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.

    The petitions were filed by former Bayan Muna Representative Satur Ocampo, et al.; Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, et al.; former Commission on Human Rights (CHR) chairwoman Loretta Ann Rosales, et al., former senator Heherson Alvarez, et al.; and Zaira Baniaga, et al.

    The memorandum allowing the interment, dated August 7, was signed by Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and addressed to Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Ricardo Visaya. The memo informed Visaya of the order of President Rodrigo Duterte on July 11 regarding Marcos’ burial at the Libingan for purposes of planning and coordination.

    Government lawyers, headed by Solicitor General Jose Calida, defended this by saying that Marcos’ achievements as a soldier who fought against the Japanese during World War II would not be diminished just because he was ousted via the first “people power” revolt in 1986.

    The proposed burial was stopped by the SC via a status quo ante order issued pending the resolution on the petitions challenging Duterte’s move to allow the burial of Marcos.

    The LNMB, a military-owned cemetery, is where fallen soldiers, national artists, and other personalities “worthy of emulation” are interred.

    Petitioners cite atrocities during Marcos’ Martial Law regime as the main argument against the planned burial.


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    1. Former President and Philippine Soldier Ferdinand Marcos deserve to bury at Libingan ng Bayani. He suffered the
      most agony of Bataan Death March kung napanood nyo lang yun National Geographic cable channel isa-isa silang nalalagas sa struggle ng Death March halos maluha ka pag mapanood nyo. Si ninoy ano ba ginawa nya sa bansa natin?

      • Juliet of yellows on

        As long the late dictator not burried. The martial law victims keep recycling…It is a tools by the Aquino as a demolition against Marcos family. Once he burried in LNMB. The recycle Martial Law victims will also goes with him in the grave.

    2. Morally, Marcos doesn’t deserve to be buried at the Libingan. The thing is, this is a political question, not a justiciable one, hence, the Supreme Court has no choice but to wash its hands in accordance with the principle of separation of powers. This is the President’s call. Unfortunately, we all know Duterte’s decision. It is therefore all systems go for Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. I believe though that the political consequences to Duterte will be adverse, profound and long-lasting. This act of burying Marcos at the Libingan will be Duterte’s defining moment and will haunt him the rest of his life.

      • Juliet of yellows on

        If the majority is against Marcos, how come duterte win in the lst election…The yellows are in full control of the government ang media.there’s no way dutae can cheat..

    3. In behalf of the Moro People, and as Mindanao’ans we suffered so much for the Martial Law as declared by Former PFEM, our parents are abused, threatened and killed. Others are forced to leave their land and live at the Mountains just to secure their lives. The scars are opened every time the Contry’s Talk about Marcos. Admitted, He gave us pains that cannot be cured, so for the seek of Peace and and understanding let us STOP pretending we hurt the most, It’s our parents. Let’s move and bury FM Marcos to Libingan ng mga Bayani.

      • Juliet of yellows on

        Justice sereno and leonen should be impeached by pnoy, [not duterte]. they failed to protect the interest of the oligarch….Pnoy still bunched of loyal followers in the senate ang they can make a move without interference from dutae. So pnoy ,impeached these low level lapdogs of yours show your vengeance

    4. Marcos is a soldier and WW2 veteran and as a proof Imelda Marcos is receiving pension for Marcos being a soldier and a Medal of Valor awardee. He became also a Secreatary of National Defense and President. All of those are the prerequisites to buried in the LNMB according to the law. A law is a law and should be followed and respected and not the will of those who opposed…Respect the Rule of Law, we are in a democratic country…Tama na ang iringan sa politika…

    5. It’s the right Decision because the issue is a ‘political question’ the exercise thereof pertains exclusively to the Executive. Congress cannot pass such a law e.g. -a law prohibiting FM’s burial because it’s tantamount to “bill of attainder’ neither the Judiciary because it has no authority or jurisdiction to decide who they want interned at LMB because the AFP Regulations is clear that such power belongs solely to the President.

      • Bakit naman pinatagal pa yang decision na yan? Stressful pa yan sa katulad ko na bawal ma stress. Noon ko pa sonabi na that is wdin d power of d President at no jurisdiction ang SC jan?

    6. Isamang ilibing si BBM at Imelda.. para wala ng usapin pag namatay sila..
      Mga ganid sa lipunan… sakit ng buong bansa…
      Im not yellowtards… im just against it..

      • Matagal ng nakalibing si Macoy.. huhukayin pa.. para lokohin lng ang buong bansa..
        Dun na lang ilibing sa lugar nila na maraming nagmamahal sa kanya…

    7. Not all legals are corrrent and right but law is law, we may not like it but the supreme court is the last to decide on a conflict. Whatever decision might arrive should be respected nothing less, nothing more. Move on.

    8. Martial Law brought about the speedy realization of vast infrastructure projects that Marcos wants to build in the country, that until today are benefiting even the kin of Martial Law victims which by the way most of them probably are connected to Communist and other insurgents at the time. Let the law prevail over vengeful emotions, bury the great President Marcos in Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    9. The SC justices must decide according to law and not by emotions and those anti-Marcos must bear in mind that PFEM has brought many good things to the country and the abuses they claimed during Martial Law are all fabricated.

    10. Charity Takagi on

      Please people who are against the Marcoses!!Follow and Obey the Rules! He was a Soldier!!! not your emotion or. something feshy , pretentious, or evil minded people!!!! ! More Change are Coming!!! God bless Philippines!!

    11. Ernesto Dela Cruz on

      Those who opposed Marcos’ burial in the LNMB have a political agenda. Some of them could have been ‘bought’ by the B.S. Aquino group of yellows.

      Marcos has the right to be buried in LNMB not because he was a hero but because he served as a Phil president albeit a corrupt one.

    12. Martial Law is Legal and All Presidential Decrees of PFEM are still in effect and part of the fundamental laws of the land until now. The late President Marcos was/is not convicted of any crime/attrocities under the Martial Law Period.It is the preference and prerogative of PDU30 to bury PFEM at the LNMB;mandated by the constitution.If ever; the Mayor PDU30 can still issue an Executive Order for such plan of action.

    13. The contention is thst the Marcoses would like to redeem themselves by allowing the former dictator to be buried in an auspicious burial ground fit for gov’t personalities “worth emulating”. Did they ask for forgiveneness? NO. In fact, by retaining their political hold, they are immune to prosecution. With this motive, it is impossible that the Marcoses will likely keep the burial “simple” as their main intention is to shove the pretense of redemption upon all our faces. The former president Marcos even instructed the family to have him buried in Ilocos, why are they glossing over this matter. Unfortunately, our generation allows historical revisionism just to show their patriotism for the current president. Unfortunately. Delikadeza and civility is already sorely lacking and it is even being mocked at. Kawawa naman po ang Inang Bayan.

    14. oBSERVE the rule of law.. FEM deserves to buried at Libingan ng mga Bayani…Iyon ngang aso ni abnoy pinalibing nila duon.. Binastos nila ang LNMB..Palibhasa aso ang ugali nila…Freak, rat brains , bone head..

    15. Mine is let the remains of the dead be buried so that the ghost of the past go along with it “just let it go so we the living can move on” . And may I also say my phrase “letting go” means be forgotten but to remain, to be remembered, to served not to be victimised again from the horror of the past.
      At the end we are all Christians brothers one in faith, beliefs and hope’s
      This is what I dream I pray will come to reality if not today sooner not be later than expected.

    16. Maribel Calanda on

      The great president will be finally laid to rest in a place where he truly deserves it. The country will have a closure finally after 30 long years. God is really good to us. He is really merciful and forgiving. He showed his act of kindness through the SC.

    17. Nasa Batas ang Paglibing sa dating pangulong Marcos sa LNMB. Ito ang Tama at Tunay na batas at hindi ang pamumulitika ng mga “yellow bleeding hearts” Tunay na pagbabago ang gusto ng Taong Bayan…

      Ito ang halimbawa at katibayan na meron talaga mga Pinoy na “Utak Talangka” ito ay sa katauhan ni Noynoy Aquino family kasama ng kaniyang mga Alipores

      Mga taong pabigat at pasanin sa ikakaunlad ng kawawang bansang Pilipinas, dapat ang mga taong ito ay binabasura at itinatakwil, tsk! tsk!..

    18. lets JUSTICE prevail. ANYWAYS ….
      the decision will be base on the merit of the CASE…..
      All Judges will be JUDGED too, by the PEOPLE
      People of the Philippines ….
      People of the WORLD…..

      Lets R E S P E C T our JUSTICE SYSTEM…..

    19. Roland Feliciano on

      If it was agreed that Marcos be buried at Ilocos, then FVR should go out in the open and express to the public that the corpse be buried in Ilocos.
      Since blood is thicker, wla sya masabi kse pinsan nga nya si Ferdinand Marcos.
      The fact that the Marcos family reneged on this agreement is enough basis na tlaga lang n di dapat malibing s LNMB. WLA PALABRA DE HONOR ang mga hinayupak! “Baka lang kse makalusot, hehehe. Looks like it’s gonna happen.
      Only in the Phil!
      Kkahiya n tlaga tayo: wla integridad, kpal muks tlaga, magnanakaw, divisive, family dynasty lang ang nkairal, at higit s lahat, corrupt to the nth degree. Aaaahahaha Juan Dela Cruz ano k n ngayon? Ano ano ano?

    20. PDut has no power to overrule & influence SC decision otherwise abolish the Supreme Court for being a useless & a rubber stamp off the Executive branch.

    21. Antonio Pasco Jr. on

      Go ahead! Bury Ferdinand Marcos in the LNMB..But it will remain in the mind and heart of the families, relatives and friends of his victims that MARCOS IS NOT A HERO!

    22. Libingan ng mga Bayani – para sa mga bayani.

      Huwag po nating kalilimutan – hindi lang tayong mga matitinong tao ang may bayani. Ang mga magnanakaw, mga kriminal, at mga diktador ay may mga idolo at kinikilalang mga bayani rin !!!!!

    23. Only in the Philippines… Greatest thief on earth getting a Heroes Burial…. “Worthy of Emulation”

    24. the time has come to have the former president be buried at the lnmb. he has also done something good for the country despite of his shortcomings. time to heal. time to move on

    25. bury him at the libingan ng mga bayani.unless we cease the culture of hatred we will not be able to move on.


      For me, the Supreme Court being a co equal branch of the government must not intervene in the issue of Marcos burial. The issue of Marcos burial is an executive prerogative or program of executive department vis unification.

      Marcos as President, War Veteran and Soldier is entitled to be buried in Libungan ng Mga Bayani (LNMB). The Libingan itself is a misnomer simply because not all buried in LBNB are bayani/heroes.

      The human rights victims have received reparation pay from alleged Marcos ill gotten wealth. For me accepting this payment is like a “blood money” where they technically exculpated Marcos.

      There are two sides of story that told Marcos fled to Hawaii due to Edsa Upheaval ( As former activist in 1980s I did not consider it REVOLUTION it merely change of color from red to yellow. REVOLUTION entails total change over of Government machinery etc) however other side of story, Marcos was “supposed to go to Paoay or Laoag not in Hawaii”. So it could not be concluded he was “dishonorably discharged the presidency” when he “fled” the country.

      Assuming he was dishonorably discharged his presidency by the effect of 1986 Upheavals still he was a war veteran and soldier. Asumming again as some alleged he faked his medals as war veteran still undeniably he was a soldier.

      Not to bury Marcos from LNMB is a “violation of his right as a president, war veteran and soldier.

      I am no Marcos Loyalist in fact I fought martial law rules in the 1980’s but as a Filipino and a christian and catholic who wanted peace, unity and reconciliation I personally believed Marcos is entitled to bury in LNMB.

      As Pope Francis told us “Mercy and compassion” as virtue of life.

      Let Marcos bury in LNMB.

    27. only goes to show you guys that the past administration from aquino to aquino were making a mockery of the Philippine Justice system that is why the Philippines is in a shamble right now.
      You have erap who was ousted because of edsa,10,722,295
      votes yet somebody wanted him out orchastrated edsa 2
      I always thought that EDSA I was an achievement until I realized that the deposed Marcos had irrigation built and rice sufficiency was achieved during his term. some may argue that he is corrupt as hell but come to think of it after 30 years of edsa the philippine is still using some if not all of his ideas, I think he step on too many toes during his term.

    28. IN FAVOR

      I’m in favor of allowing the former Strong Man be interred in the LNMB. He has been dead for years now, by burying him there, we allow him to rest. Let’s learn to forgive and forget, and move on. After all, he was the former President and soldier of this Country.

    29. Each sides in the plane has its own biases on based on its own horizon but Duterte from an aerial view of the Philippines centuries of suffering has a transcendent cure Lets support him and build our country GREAT! The Rainbow has many color so it is beautiful! Too much yellow is sickening or more red is alarming too.RESPECT, LOVE, FORGIVE, HELP….many positive can be like Manny !

    30. A bankrupt Central Bank who have the iota of publishing a fake balance sheet but when they were exiled to Hawaii but have tons of dollars and Gold certificates. Quo vadis Filipinas? A Tondo, Manila plebeian asked” Anong pag ibig Pa Kaya ang hihigit Pa sa sa tinubuang lupa? Siya na rin po sumagot,” wala na nga wala”. Lumipas ang muling isang taga Tondo nagtanong ” kasalan bang tumayo at tumindig Laban sa tiranong di makatarungan maghimagsik? Tumayo po si Abe Sarmiento ng UP Collegian ” kung di tayo kikilos sino ang kikilos kung Hindi ngayon kelan? Sa lahat ng mga katanungan ano po sagot ni Marcos? Tatakutin ! Kung di matakot bibilhin kapag di na takot at di Mabili ay ikulong! And worst disappear without a trace. I think former Vice President Pelaez has the best answer” what is happening in our country General”

    31. So where does the argument for the upholding of a prior agreement between the Ramos admin and the Marcoses go? So valid contracts entered into by our government are irrelevant and useless na pala.

      • There are many valid/legal contracts entered into by the Arroyo administration that were not uphold by the Aquino administration. The question is, why is the Duterte administration that different from the previous?

      • Hijo, that paper was never an agreement between the Marcoses and the Phil Govt. That was a private agreement between the Marcoses and Mr. Fidel. Thus, there was just one original and the physical hardcopy is with Mr. Fidel who was just namangka sa dalawang ilog.

      • I don’t think there was any written agreement about that. In everything, there is always an exception to the rule. As long as there is no specific law prohibiting Marcos from being buried at LNMB, emotions as portrayed by those opposing it won’t stand ground.

      • If there ever be an agreement, that is not binding because it is against the Constitution. This is what so wrong with our society sometimes, we are more intelligent that our justices who have studied law and who are practicing law.

      • The agreement between Ramos and Marcos are very much intact and in proper order. In that agreement, i believe it says something about “until a friendly goverment allows the burial of FM in LNMB, then FM can be burried there”….it is not exactly the right qiute, but i just wanted to stress that point…

      • There were talks between Ramos admin and the Marcos family but it did not result into any official burial agreement. The Marcos family and their loyalist supporters wish since the death of Pres. Marcos in September 28, 1989 is to let his burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. But the Aquino family of Ninoy does not want him buried at LNMB so they plotted several failed talks that they are now using as an agreement.

      • amado dumaguin on

        hindi pinayagan ni cory na umuwi para mamatay sa pilipinas si apo marcos….pinayagan ni ramos na maiuwi sa pilipinas ang bangkay ni apo marcos….pinayagan ni duterte na mailibing si apo marcos sa libingan ng mga bayani…natupad ang kahilingan nina cory at ramos noon, bakit ngayon umaangal ang mga yellowtards?….pumarehas naman kayo….

      • jeff jaramillo on

        Ramos pledged loyalty to the Constitution. But what did he do? Ramos is a rotten flesh and does not deserve respect.

      • The agreement between Ramos and Marcos are very much intact and in proper order. In that agreement, i believe it says something about “until a friendly goverment allows the burial of FM in LNMB, then FM can be burried there”….it is not exactly the right qiute, but i just wanted to stress that point…

    32. Let him he burried in the fallen soldiers burrial grounds. DON’T give them the privilage to build a mausoleum! put him 6ft under with a simple cross. NO LAVISH burial rites. make it simple. after all he’s a war veteran. right?

      #bawalmuseleo #bawalengrande

      • Benigno Aquino on

        a building will be constructed they can afford naman. tyaka magkakaroon ng celebration na magarbo its ok. i
        think dj khaled and chris brown will
        be invited.

      • And indeed FM is worthy of emulation. But, of course for the anti-Marcos he is not. But for the pro-Marcos, he is beyond worthy. So, do we need a referendum for it? That would be very interesting to find out specially now the Filipinos are already awake about the truth between the Marcoses and the Aquinos.

      • And indeed FM is worthy of emulation. But, of course for the anti-Marcos he is not. But for the pro-Marcos, he is beyond worthy. So, do we need a referendum for it? That would be very interesting to find out specially now the Filipinos are already awake about the truth between the Marcoses and the Aquinos…

      • Agree. .. what a leader..!. . He prevented our country to be as communist state. . now communism is a failure globally. . a right decision indeed to fight it. . the complainants are all communists now in govt. . He was toppled by the Dilaw media (no social media that time that could have prevented LIES being absorbed by the Filipino minds.). . stated “MARCOS KILLED NINOY..!”…During the 4th day of EDSA-1 he gave in to the demand of a 2-million people guided by a LIE. not desiring to bomb the EDSA protesters as per Gen Fabian Ver’s passionate recommendation as shown by everybone on television and it became the first in the world PEACEFUL REVOLUTION due to him. . What a President..!!

      • That is why many of our “honorable” govern,ent officials todays are emulating what Marcos did, that is, empty the coffers of the government’s funds to suit their own needs!

    33. It’s high time to move on.. In this case, all sides have already been heard. Let the High Court decide on the merit of the case. Not even Noy Aquino will be able to reverse the High Court decision. Let justice be served on all parties or groups on this case .

      • Follow the rules of laws of the country and not the decision for the human beings doesn’t implement the laws properly and honesty with integrity.

    34. I just hope it will push thru…..a law is a law at yun dapat ang mangingibabaw……not the interests of some individuals……enough of manipulating our justice system,….to SC…..obey the law of the constitution…..

      • Hahaha. Wala po sa constitution na ilibing lahat ng pangulo ng Pilipinas don. AFP regulation lang po sya.

    35. Only in the Philippines !

      here we have a man who defrauded thec country –Out of billions …Was a dictator –who killed many who opposed him …Lied about his military service

      To have such a man buried with those who gave their lives for their country ..Is a disgrace !

      No wonder; time after time; this country is prone to corrupt officials getting away with millio0ns and then laughing about it …
      We are honoring one of them … A known criminal ..No wonder, the rest of the world laugh at us !

      David M Meyer (PhD Psych}

      • U better move on….kng ganyan ka mag isip wlng mngyayari satin…..all these years puro hatred ang laman ng puso….talking abt billions …why not the international court convict them if all these are all true?…why any of them not in jail?…..if aquino can put arroyo behind bars why not imelda?…..think think…..talking abt martial law?….why blame only marcos why not also blame enrile and ramos?…is it bcz ramos is on aquino side?????incase u forgot phil constabulary is under the command of ramos….did u notice dat this traitor can not even give a word abt martial law?…..come on guys look both sides of the story…..u saw only the negative side of marcos but u ignore the positive side….hypocrite?????

      • You dont know the real story and before you come to any conclusion and pre- judge the former Pres. Marcos: Pls read the article written by Mr Rigoberto Tiglao per Manila Times dated 28 Sept. 2016 .

      • How did you get your PhD? Show me a document proving beyond reasonable doubt that Mr. Andy stole money from government coffers, please. Will you be willing to surrender and tell whoever gave you that PhD to strip you of that title if I show you assets that could not have come from government because they are in the hundreds of billions under his beneficial control?

      • Says who ? Even the high and mighty US Courts dismissed the cases files against the marcoses ? How dare you display your PHD when in fact you are worse than those who did not even go to school and know nothing. What a shame.

      • Anf what about Suharto of Indonesia? He was given state honor when died considering that there about 500,000 deaths in his purge of communists during his reign?

      • where is your proof my dear. Theres always been a trial but no single case succeded against Marcoses. Dont be blinded with the things you just heard thats been manipulated by the Aquino-Cojuangco and the oligarchs. Dont be blinded with the history and textbook they manipulated. Do some more and deep research. “NO WONDER THE REST OF THE WORLD LAUGH AT US!” ohh really? then let them laugh…I/we dont care either. We Pilipinos knows that at the end of the battle truth will prevail and a victor after all. And by the way just by your name itself David M Meyer? sounds not Filipino…your free to live the country instead of poluting the minds of others. Thank you!!

      • Norberto Dayo, MD on

        Don’t let your emotion and personal opinion cloud your thinking, Dr. If you would analyze every word that you said, not one is a proven fact. Don’t let your intellect and unbiased thinking get trampled upon by your unscientific and baseless allegations. I hope you make the world a better place by not influencing laymen to hate one another, instead, help us make Filipinos be proud of ourselves. We need intelligent people like you to be leaders for understanding and peace, for without them, we could never progress as a people and remain the laughing stock of the rest of the world.Don’t judge so you won’t be judged. Only His Almighty is our Supreme Judge.

      • Like those last five presidents… What have they done good in last 3 decades anyway.. Can u pls. Enlighten me… What ive seen on them was only pure greed and treachery… Ex.. Almost all if not all gocc sold.. To their private panyeros for the benefit of their personal pocket.. Oh ive allmost forget the decmoracry warrios of decsent hudlums….tnx

      • That is what you believe. Have you thought of what the Aquinos did when it was their turn? Filipinos are already awake and they know.

      • Nothing was PROVEN but PURELY allegation…….
        TRIAL of CENTURY of almost 1000 CASES against MARCOS,
        that’s more than ENOUGH!!!!

        It’s HIGH TIME to M O V E on……

      • Sir.. are you a Pilipino? anyway you are entitled to your opinion. And we dont need your opinion.

      • only you laugh at your self..so what do you think of Cory’s dog being buried there? out of billions?
        look at the projects he did that we are benefiting now? did you see him personally killing those who claimed that Marcos killed them? lied ? you are the LIAR….PHD Psych? you are the disgrace!!!!!!

      • The world laugh at you because all you have said is not even remotely true…try to dig deeper before you type on your computer…

      • Well said my friend, what change does it take when you refuse his burial? and when we allow? life must go on, enough with politicking, its the time of Duterte and lets leave it at that, everyone has the reasons, kahit magdamag at isang taon pa tayo mag debate, pana panahon lang yan, ni isang naging pangulo ng Pinas since aguinaldo, wala akong maiturong perpekto, si duterte, bigyan anting ng respeto like what we did in the past kahit alam nating lahat ay may kanya kanyang interes. Pag nalibing kasi si Marcos sa LNMB, matatapyasan ang kredibilidad ang sinasabing kabayanihan ng mag-asawang Aquino, haaaay puro personal interest na nangyayari, at least si duterte, evil na may puso heheheh

      • Benigno Aquino on

        lets just be happy for the marcos family. Duterte was a tuta of marcos and now the tuta of chekwas.

      • jeff jaramillo on

        Should you have evidence, yes, not evidences, just one, bring that to the court and see if it holds water. You should remember that it has been 30 years and nothing has been presented to support your claim.

        Your brain is corrupted by wrong accusations. Submit yourself to a psychologist. Your case, if medical attention is delayed, is tantamount to serious damage

    36. This issue is a simple one, it was politicized, that is why it became such a big issue, The crimes and what he have done to this nation is punishable by law, that is the reason why he was ousted by the people. This is known around the world, this is a part of our dark history. During the FVR term, he allowed the Marcos family to come home, with the agreement, that Pres. Marcos will be buried in Ilocos. With the capricious Marcos Family, they want to break away from that agreement, And that’s where this issue started. To bury or not to bury Marcos in the LNMB. If the SC is in the right mind, whether they allow it or not, the issue will never die. The nation will still be divided. Bury him in Ilocos and this issue will be buried with him.

    37. Jose A. Oliveros on

      The petition opposing the burial of former President Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani should be decided on the basis of what the law says and not on the personal feelings and evidently anti-Marcos bias of Chief Justice Sereno and Justices Leonen and Caguioa. Let future generations of Filipinos pass their judgment on Marcos’s place in our history; certainly it is not for the present generation who were either living already during the entire martial law period, were themselves victims or relatives of victims of alleged abuses that time, or who have been brainwashed by the Cojuangco-Aquino propaganda machine that Marcos is the embodiment of everything evil, if he is not the devil incarnate himself.

      • It’s not only based on feelings if there was a prior agreement between our government (during the Ramos administration) and the Marcoses that the former president be buried elsewhere. Upholding that contract is also upholding the law. No emotions involved there.

        On the flip side, the Marcoses not honoring their end of that deal and insisting on their whim and a right they have already previously given up to get another favor is the more emotional argument.

        If we should go by reason instead of emotions then the petition should be upheld.

      • Excuse me. Read. The internet is filled with the atrocities committed during the Marcos regime. This is not about the Aquinos and the Marcoses.This about the abuses of Marcos against the Filipino people. And these are based on facts. Not any propaganda machine.

    38. Its the right decision Your Honours. Its time to bury the misguided bigotry of the yellow army and the myth they have foisted to the people. Ilocanos, stay on vigil at the Supreme Court and give them thanks (after they have inked their decision).

      • Is that the only defense you have? The bigotry of the yellow army?

        People were already fed up with the abuses of the Marcos regime but were afraid to stand up to Marcos. Because those who dared were jailed, tortured, killed and some disappeared never to be seen again.

        But when Ninoy Aquino was assassinated, the Filipino people were awakened from their apathy. We were thinking, if this can happen to somebody like Ninoy Aquino who was a known leader not only in the Philippines but in the entire world, how much more to each one of us. So, when some brave people started calling for people to rally, more and more got the courage to finally protest against the abuses of the Marcos regime. Until the number of protesters kept on growing. This has nothing to do with yellow. It had everything to do with protesting against the abuses of the Marcos regime.

        The Marcoses want people to believe that this is just an Aquino-Marcos feud. A yellow thing. No. This is about the injustices the Filipino people suffered during the Marcos regime.

    39. adelaida dociad on

      para sakin dapat lang nailibing c dating pangulong marcos sa libingan ng mga bayani,para di na mahahati ang bansa kailangan ng bawat pilipino makiisa,at isa pa tunay naman talaga syang bayani sa dami nyang naiambag sa bansa.its time to move on and unite❤❤❤???

    40. Enough is enough. Get that corpse in the ground and get on with life. How long do you need to hang onto your hate? What good does it do you?


      Barring unforeseen circumstances , PRESIDENT FERDINAND E MARCOS can now rest in peace.

      • Bin Laden’s body was thrown into the high seas to prevent his supporters to gather and use the place to commemorate him. Just for your information.