SC defers petition to exhume Marcos


The Supreme Court (SC) has deferred action on the petition seeking the exhumation of the remains of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

During the deliberations of the SC en banc, the justices decided to postpone action on the case because the ponente, Justice Diosdado Peralta, was on leave.

The tribunal will tackle the petition next week.

On Monday, separate petitions were filed before the SC en banc by martial law activists who asked the high court to cite in contempt the Marcos family and some military officials for the unannounced interment of Marcos.

Many people were caught by surprise on Friday when the remains of Marcos was flown from Ilocos Norte to the heroes’ cemetery.

The petitioners asked the court to order the detention of Marcos’ heirs and military officials involved “until they have satisfactorily cleansed themselves of the contemptuous act or until such further orders of the Court.”

Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman said Marcos’ remains should be exhumed because the decision of the high court allowing the burial of the former leader at the heroes’ cemetery is not yet final and executory.


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  1. Kristiyano ba kayo para mag-isip ng ganyang klaseng kahayupan.. Patay na nakalibing, ipahuhukay pa. Hndi lang kayo ang Pilipino. Bakit lahat na lang e ke Marcos nyo ibinibunton. Wala ba kayong kasalanan.. Puro kau pamumulitika.Kaya hnd n umunlad ang bayan natin dahil sa mga ganyang mentalidad.

  2. let those cadaverously looking yellow remnants exhumed pres marcos provided they would be interred immediately with full heroes ceremony in the slot that would be vacated. that would be settled once in for all their cognitive dissonance that they shoving in our collective conciousness…

  3. Marcos family has no obligation to inform opposition parties about their plan how or when the former President should be buried. The Marcos burial to LNMB is a fulfilled commitment by Pres Duterte to his voters who are also Marcos supporters. Saying this, the Duterte presidential win is a manifestation of majority people’s will to bury Marcos in LNMB.

  4. mabait na pinoy on

    All the petitioners, to include Edcel Lagman, must be out of their minds because, because the Marcos’ wealth, political connections, and by just being Marcos alone, will make them untouchables. Nobody have noticed up to this date, that loads of cases against the Marcoses are still pending at the Supreme Court and the family is not willing to give anything back voluntarily to the government without fighting. They can afford to pay high caliber lawyers, and the government can only spend what was appropriated for them, and for those cases. the government could hardly afford to pay consultants to collaborate with their claims. Who knows if the majority of the Justices already deposited their money received from the Marcos’ in an off shore banking, such as the bank in Panama or in Caribbean? This is the reason why MONEY is very important element that stand above the rest and justice can be bent because the power of this element.

  5. Dapat ang paghandaan ni TONGgressman ay ang kaso niya na pending sa Ombudsman: Pagnanakaw ng Pera ng Bayan. Lumubo ng malaki assets ni TONGgressman.

  6. I ask the supreme court to Vote for interment of Tongresman Lagmay and Saturnino Ocampo at the Bicutan Cemetery and be buried alive or better include Justice Leonen and Capio.

  7. Wilfred Albornoz on

    Marcos must be exhumed and send back to Ilocos Norte and will be buried next to his mother.

  8. Nothing good will happen to the Lagman petition. The lifting of the status quo ante order in the Marcos case meant that there’s no more legal obstacle to the burial; contrary to the position of the petitioners, the Marcoses and the AFP did not have to wait for the SC to rule on the MRs or for the decision to become final. Besides, the petitioners have absolutely no legal standing to question the burial decision made by the incumbent President, much less the decision of the Highest Court, for the reason that what they were assailing was outside the ambit of judicial review, being a purely political question. This is one instance where the respondents need not await the ruling of the SC on the MRs. Lest I may be misunderstood, I fully respect their opinions, including their protestations, no matter how absurd they may be, but in a court battle, there’s usually a winner and a loser. It just so happen that in the Marcos cases, the petitioners were the losers. And the best thing to do under the circumstances is to accept defeat and move on.

  9. Agapito Bagumbayan on

    Edcel Lagman excell it all, no other idiots will go the way he does just to prove a point