• SC Justice slammed for misbehavior


    ASSOCIATE Justice Marvic Leonen, the most junior magistrate in the Supreme Court (SC), has drawn the ire of his colleagues for his alleged misbehavior that include “tantrums.”

    According to a well-placed source, the latest of Leonen’s “outbursts” was directed at the American Bar Association (ABA) which organized the 10th International Judicial Coloquium on Insolvency at The Hague in the Netherlands held from May 18 to 19.

    Leonen accused the ABA officials of “deliberately shaming him” after he was wrongfully referred to as “Court of Appeals Justice.”

    SC Justice Estela Perlas-Bernabe, Court of Appeals (CA) Justices Japar Dimaam­pao and Apolinario Bruselas also attended the event.

    Realizing the mistake, an enraged Leonen immediately called Manila to complain about the matter.

    Sandra Mae Casal-Rapatan, Leonen’s executive assistant, even raised the issue and lodged a complaint before the ABA organizers as ordered by her boss.

    The source said that Rapatan even sent emails to Victoria Pratt and Robert La Mont of the
    ABA to protest his “demotion” in title.

    Rapatan informed the ABA that Leonen was “incredibly offended” by the mistake, charging that the act was deliberate on the part of the ABA.

    Leonen who led the government panel in talking peace with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, even informed Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno of his discontent and the humiliation he suffered.

    He believes that it was an “affront to his reputation” as an Associate Magistrate of the SC.

    A few SC Justices who were interviewed by The Manila Times said that the issue was so petty that Leonen should not have raised hell about it.
    One magistrate said that Leonen is known for being a “complainer.”

    “Napaka-reklamador niyang si Marvic. Kabago-bago niya sa Court. Siya ang most junior grabe magwala dito sa Supreme Court kapag hindi naibibigay ang gusto niya. Pati sa the Netharlands nagwala noong umatend siya ng conference [Marvic complains a lot. He is very new and the most junior among us but he throws tantrums when he failed to get what he wants. He went berserk when he attended a conference in the Netherlands,” the Justice said.

    Another magistrate said that if only Leonen had shown humility and kindness over the incident, it could have even earned brownie points for himself and the SC itself.

    “Baka sabihin ng American Bar Association at ng International Community ganyan ang asal ng mga Justices ng Supreme Court. Nakakahiya tuloy. Ano ba naman ang mahihita ng ABA para sadyain na i-demote ang title niya [It might give the bad impression that Justices of the SC are all like him. It’s quite embarrassing. What could the ABA possibly gain for demoting him?” the source pointed out.

    The SC justice further questioned the characters of the appointees of President Benigno Aquino 3rd in the High Tribunal.

    “What kind of officials are the President appointing? Before, it was Sereno who earned her notoriety for being hot-headed. Now it’s Leonen,” the source bewailed.

    Following his “demotion,” it was learned that Leonen decided to boycott the conference to dramatize his discontent and rage.


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    1. Well he did have quite the reputation as a someone with a short temper when he was at UP College of Law. He used to shout at students (not uncommon for some law profs there) and at one point threw and eraser at a student (highly uncommon and not even his worst moment). His admin staff were treated rather poorly as well (unnamed staff I spoke with before). He is truly a brilliant legal mind though. We all have our idiosyncrasies. No one is perfect so let’s not be too harsh.

    2. This report is obviously written with bad taste in the mouth. Anonymous sources are only acceptable if it is matter of life and death (e.g. corruption whistle-blower, victim of rape, witness of a heinous crime, etc.).

      This is just plain sensationalism. Period.

    3. Huwag tayo magbigay ng konklusyon agad. Nararapat na pakinggan muna ang panig ni Justice Leonen, pero malamang, kung totoo man ay idideny ng kanyang panig ito….

    4. Hate the childish minded? Then bring back seniority in the SC. And perhaps abolish presidential privilege of appointing SC justices. Let the JBC do the obligation of choosing.

    5. The problem with some Filipino reporters and journalists is the penchant for writing reports that have serious factual errors and without the benefit of corroborating with the “other side”. Did this reporter even attempt to interview Justice Leonen?

      And what about his “well-placed source”…anonymous?

      Eto na yata ang trend ngayon ng news reporting…get some half-baked story, starting it with half-truths and then completing it with speculation and sensationalism.Ang masakit nito, sakay agad ang ibang readers without benefit of cross-checking with other publications or news sources. If this “outburst” really happened, this should have been reported by local Netherlands-based newspapers as well as international news agencies covering such high profile event. Bakit wala?

      Refer to this report from the Inquirer…who were responsible enough to interview the Phil Supreme Court Information Chief Theodore Te to get the High Court’s official statement about this “erroneous report”.

      Excerpts from the Inquirer report:

      ‘(Mr. Te said the report) “was totally wrong and there were gross factual inaccuracies in the report.”

      Based on the report, Leonen allegedly had an outburst after he was erroneously referred to as an Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals in the application and registration of documents at the event.

      The report said Leonen walked out of the event and boycotted all succeeding conferences.

      There was really an error, Te said over the phone, but there was no outburst.

      “There was a clerical error in the position attributed to him. It was pointed out by his staff. By the time the conference started, the error has been corrected and that was that. He attended the conference, there was no further issue,” ‘

      Read more: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/77797/sc-associate-justice-leonen-denies-walking-out-of-the-hague-event#ixzz2WTD1tyBz

      And don’t get smart and say The Supreme Court’s Information Chief was directed to “lie” on behalf of Justice Leonen.

      If this Manila Times reporter is even slightly correct in saying that many of the more senior SC justices are “irritated” with Leonen, do you think they will allow him (Leonen) to use the SC Information Chief to speak officially in his defense?

      Common sense lang.

      • Re: Ted Te, he is a person of integrity and intelligence, but I wouldn’t put it past him to not cover up for his colleague and former boss at the UP college of law.

    6. John Villaraza on

      LOL… funny how everyone up here trusted the other justices who made possible this chismis.. Fact na ba yung sinabi ng mga “anonymous” associate justices ng SC?

      • stanley sawit on

        parang kulang sa pansin nakakahiya nasa ganun siyang posisyon yan ang inaasal.

    7. TheComplainer (@ComplainerChua) on

      Siguro masama kunwari tinawag nila si Obama as Vice-President of the USA or si Putin as President ng USSR, pero sino ba naman si Leonen? Hindi ka nga kilala eh. Magpakilala ka muna ha.
      Maybe if you had more experience in the law profession before you were appointed to the SC then you would not be in such a situation.
      Reputation is based on accomplishments. Maybe you have no accomplishments?

    8. Fergus JM Ducharme on

      Well, well. Surprise, surprise another PRIMA DONNA, courtesy of our beloved leader!

    9. Ernie Delfin on

      This news story is stupidly funny and SHAMEFUL!… and this man is a an associate of the Phil Supreme Court.. HOW PETTY! NAKAKAHIYA, KA LEONEN!… pubic officer ka pa naman… I am now laughing in order tan to cry for the country!