• SC justices foil Sereno lifestyle check order


    SUPREME Court (SC) justices rebuked Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno for issuing a unilateral order asking Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to tap the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to investigate members of the judiciary.

    The Manila Times learned that the justices discussed a press statement issued by Sereno’s office that she had given de Lima the go-ahead for a lifestyle check of justices and judges.

    A member of the Court said the justices revoked Sereno’s order. With the revocation, it will be the High Court that will investigate judges.

    “En banc took over [the]investigation,” the justice who asked not to be named said in a text message.

    It was not the first time that Sereno acted on her own, without notifying the en banc justices.

    She was accused by Justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro of lying during en banc deliberations after Sereno issued a resolution, without the concurrence of the en banc, creating the Regional Court Administration Office in Cebu or RCAO Region 7.

    During deliberations last week, Sereno’s press release was presented to the High Court by Justice Arturo Brion after Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio insisted that the investigation should be carried out by the Court as a collegial body.

    But Sereno was quick to claim that the press release issued by the Office of the Chief Justice was erroneous.

    “Hindi totoo yan. Mali iyan, mali iyang press release [The press release was wrong],” a source quoted Sereno as saying when questioned about the statement.

    Carpio read the statement in front of the en banc and asked Sereno if she was quoted in the press release.

    “I was misquoted,” Sereno replied.

    “It was obvious Meilou [Sereno] was lying,” the source said. “The press statement clearly quoted her and it was issued by the Office of the Chief Justice. To save face she denied it came from her.”

    The press release was distributed to media representatives by the Court’s information office and delivered to de Lima, who gave reporters copies of it.

    “What was she thinking. It gave the executive department the authority to investigate judges and justices. De Lima and the NBI could subpoena the magistrates if she wanted to,” an Supreme Court justice told the Times.

    The Court decided to create a committee to take jurisdiction in investigating the case.

    Associate Justice Estela Perlas-Bernabe suggested that the committee be headed by a member of the tribunal who did not come from the Regional Trial Court, since the panel will be investigating members of the Philippine Judges Association (PJA).

    Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, who was absent during the deliberations, was named head the committee with two retired Supreme Court justices as members.

    The justices said it is up to Leonen to decide to ask help from other government agencies in conducting the probe.


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    1. Luis B. Cabasis on

      Delicadeza should prevail in matters pertaining to questions of integrity. But this is Philippines. Here, the Senate investigates the senators, the Lower House of Congress investigates the congressmen, the departments investigate their own people. And now the Supreme Court of the Philippines is going to investigate its justices and judges. My God, it could be true … this country is run by crocodiles and pigs!

      • I agree with your comment 110%. If there is wrong doing in any branch of government, any other branches can investigate and file cases. That is democracy, not plutocracy or elitism.
        If one does nothing wrong, there is nothing to fear. I always believe ther is no privacy once born in this world. The only privacy is how you keep it well.
        FOI shoud be Pass

      • Yeah, nothing is going to come out from those internal investigation. Where is the check of balance? Maybe the Pilipino people should organize a people committee or council to investigate all branches of the government.

    2. The Justices should investigate the CJ’S life style and her undeclared bank deposits before they start on other Justices.

    3. Gosh! What are we coming too? We have a vindictive retard president, a psychologically incapacitated Chief Justice, a corrupt Congress and questionable cabinet ministers! And all CURS of the retard. Lord help us.

    4. Starstruck1985 on

      Please investigate on this. This is revolving in the corridors of SC! we received this email last week.

      In light of the very damnest controversy our country is facing, I guess that it is legally trending that the sole remaining protector of the land, our Judiciary in its deepest morales is literally also involved in a scam much bolder than the pork barrel. Please look into the illicit affair between Cheap Justice Sereno and one of her bodyguards. The bodyguard is Sgt Vince Esmeralda. The whistleblower told us that the affair has been secretly concealed by Serenofor almost 2 years long before she was appointed as Chief Justice. The whistleblower categorically told me that it was the bodyguard himself during a drinking spree who mentioned his sexual activity with Sereno. The saddest part is that the husband of Sereno is also having an affair with his secretary Marie del Rosario. With nothing left to turn on to.. To whom will this Country run for help?

      There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It

      supercedes all other courts.

      By Mahatma Gandhi

    5. Fake Chief Justice Sereno is just being consistent as one being appointed by PNoy
      Like PNoy himself, Sereno does not have the experience and competence to the position she is holding and the fallacy of it all is their bad decisions will subject the public in harms way. Like the legislative and executive branches who is suffering from incompetent leaders, the judicial is now suffering the same fate with heads who are shamelessly thick-faced.

    6. I am not sure whether CJ Sereno is inept and therefore unfit to be a CJ of the Supreme Court or the other old justices of the SC are vindictive and envious because the President did not select one their own member. Ever since her selection the old Justices seemingly always find some faults with the CJ and went viral in the internet. I am sure that all these created negative perceptions in the mind of the citizens. Begging a question of what else can you pile on top of these; corruption, kidnappings, typhoons, flooding, among others, to kill the hope and aspirations of the Filipinos. To me, it is not fair that all these, bad things happen in a poor country like RP simultaneously, it is almost mind bugling. Then the worst earthquake came with its wrought of destructions on its path. No wonder, Cardinal Antonio Tagle asked forgiveness for the Churches done wrong to the poor and the Country. These could all be signs that the country and people are bereft of its MORAL compass to navigate out of these calamitous journey. Therefore, I think it is time that we all pray for each other, forgive one another and reconcile with our Lord God the Father in Jesus name. May God have mercy on us all.

    7. I believe whatever results of this lifestyle check will prove nothing, Justices are like politicians that if we will base their lifestyle to their salary, they cannot drive a brand new car and live in flushy subdivisions and can’t even send their children in good school. This is just another Moro-Moro in our judicial system.