SC orders Marcos to pay P66M


THE Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), has ordered former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to pay P63 million for the recount of votes in his poll protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.

Robredo was ordered to pay P15.4 million.

The tribunal directed Marcos to deposit P33 million before April 14, Good Friday. The P30 million should be paid before July 14.

Robredo was also ordered to pay the P15.4 million in two installments—P8 million on or before April 14, 2017 and P7.4 million on or before July 14.

A source at the court said that Chief Justice Lourdes Aranal-Sereno “hostaged” the release of the resolution.

Marcos’ lawyer George Erwin Garcia hot hold of the resolution on April 10, 2017. The source said the court en banc ruled on the issue on March 21, 2017.

The source said that the resolution was “stuck” in the office of Sereno and was released “belatedly.”

“Inipit ni Sereno yung resolution ni Bongbong. Biruin mo March 21 pa na en banc yan tapos ilalabas niya kung kailan Holy Week para gipitin si Bongbong sa pagbabayad ng protest nya (Sereno sat on the resolution. The en banc tackled the issue on March 21 but she released it on Holy Week to make it difficult for Marcos to pay the amount)” the source said.

As a matter of procedure, the ponente shall make the draft as agreed during the en banc and this will be sent to the chief justice for approval and release of the resolution.

Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa is the ponente of the election protest.

The source said that with the late release of the resolution, Marcos will be at a disadvantage because if he fails to pay the amount on time, his poll protest will be dismissed.

However, under the Rules of Court, if the last day to comply with the order of the court falls on a holiday, the payment or compliance shall be made on the next working day. This means that the Marcos camp is obliged to deposit the money with the court on April 17, a Monday, since Black Saturday and Easter Sunday are holidays.

The PET ruled that Marcos should pay P500 for each of the 132,446 precincts where votes for the vice presidential election will be counted.

In his protest, Marcos questioned the election result in 39,221 clustered precincts.

Marcos lost to Robredo by only 263,473 votes. The former senator claimed that he was cheated.


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  1. Too much, 66 millions plus 15 million. Kailan pa matapos ang korapsyon sa bansa, sino pa kelangan na pangulo para mawala ang mga taong korap, stop corruption,,

  2. I would like to cite a few lines from the poem “Stalin’s Heirs,” by the Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko which i gathered from a column of former Sen. Francisco S. Tatad.

    “To double
    And triple the guard at the gravesite
    So AQUINO does not rise again,
    And with AQUINO, the past…

    We removed
    From the mausoleum
    But how do we remove AQUINO
    From AQUINO’ heirs.”

    (Emphasis mine). I substituted AQUINO’ name in place of Stalin’s.

  3. I am amazed that there are still too many Filipinos brainwashed by Aquino and many of them do not have the ability to think independently and intelligently. I have always thought that our literacy rate in the Philippines is much higher, comparing to most of the third world countries. However, I was very wrong, because I am reading how these people responded when they “think” their idol is at disadvantaged. Is this a Filipino thing?

  4. CriticalThinker on

    SC Yellow Appointee finding ways to drag the recount longer and longer and longer…. Hey isn’t it COMELEC’s fault having solid evidences and even Smartmatic IT “Garci” admitted for tampering/reprogrammed the Machines on which they let them escape the ciuntry afterwards?

  5. so the SC of the Philippines priorities is not to who won the election, but to who would pay for the services. Is it embodied in the Cory’s constitution? If so abay linawin ninyo dahil ang mga tao ang inyong niloloko..

  6. I think that it’s the government’s duty to do a recount since there is strong evidence of cheating. This in order to keep the dignity of the commission on Election, the PET, and the Supreme Court who earlier said that Marcos has strong evidence. What if the person has no money to pay? So quiet nalang ba kasi pasensiya ka , wala kang perang pambayad eh! We need to know the truth and the true winner should be given the chance to serve the country. Kung may kailangan magbayad yung nangdaya na si Leni Robredo kung mapatunayan. Sa palagay ko eh talagang nandaya.

  7. CJ Sereno and Assoc Justice Caguioa shld and must recuse themselves in this protest , because both are Aquinos appointee , because both cannot and will not be fair to Marcos, for the very fact that Caguioa was the legal advuser of Aquino- who prayed all along for Marcos defeat as VP and why is the SC asking for recount fee , when it was Comelec who failed to protect the safety of ballots casts on election day. Comelec shld be the one to pay not the candidate.Dahil ba na cousin ni Aquino si Andres Bautista na Comelec Chairman , nagbubulagbulagan kayo CJ Sereno at Benjamin Caguioa. Tinatanga ninyo ang mga Pilipino.Saan bansang nangyari na kelangan magbayad. ngayon lang eto nangyayari, dahil gusto ninyong sumuko sa protest , aqt dahil para di mabuking ang mga pinaggagawa ninyong kasinungalingan. sino pa ang magtitiwala sa inyo. Wala.

  8. A year later and THE Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) have done nothing but issue a statement that Marcos and Robredo have to pay for the recount.

    Hey no rush SC, apparently the people don’t need to know who won the VP race this year. Drag it out for another 2 years so it won’t matter anymore.

    A Supreme Waste of Time.

  9. I’m confused. Hadn’t the lawyer received the resolution on April 10, 2017? if that is the case, then they can’t simply throw away an idea indicating bias simply because they were left with two days to comply with the order.

    It is easy to claim that SC Sereno hostaged the resolution when they don’t even have proof of the matter. I think it is also reasonable that the CJ, may also write their view if they wanted to.

    Lastly, complying with the order for someone like Sen. Marcos, is freaking easy. He can easily pay up PhP 66-M for that. Unless, magdadrama sila. the Marcos lawyers, I suppose, do expect that they would have to pay in order for a recount to happen. I suppose they have already taken such amount and accountability in consideration — so what is the fuss.

    this is typical PR move on the part of Marcos. Nothing more!

    • Felicitas Manasseh on

      Tell that to the marines. Only few people mostly anti Marcos would believed that Sereno played fair on this matter. It doesn’t matter wether Bongbong can pay or not it was obviously a dirty political tactic by an Aquino appointee.

    • Fully agree. The SC decision is a deterrent for moneyed losing candidate to copy Bongbong’s silly claim of cheating based on Smartmatics script change on the server machine – NOT the database machine. UNIX literate people can see right through this fiasco. File creation dates on the DATABASE machine would certainly show the dud claim of Marcos, hence they padded the charge with precinct level irregularity. IF THE government will shoulder the expense of the whimsical claim, it will be absurd. Have not seen the SC decision but am at a loss why Robredo have to pay up too.

  10. Sa dami ng ninakaw ng mga marcos barya lang yan. Kahit anung oras o araw kayang bayaran yan kukuha lang ang mga yan sa ilalim ng unan ni IMELDA sobra -sobra pa.

  11. I would like to cite a few lines from the poem “Stalin’s Heirs,” by the Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko which i gathered from a column of former Sen. Francisco S. Tatad.

    “To double
    And triple the guard at the gravesite
    So MARCOS does not rise again,
    And with MARCOS, the past…

    We removed
    From the mausoleum
    But how do we remove MARCOS
    From MARCOS’ heirs.”

    (Emphasis mine). I substituted MARCOS’ name in place of Stalin’s.

  12. reformed criminal on

    I am amazed that there are still too many Filipinos brainwashed by Marcos and many of them do not have the ability to think independently and intelligently. I have always thought that our literacy rate in the Philippines is much higher, comparing to most of the third world countries. However, I was very wrong, because I am reading how these people responded when they “think” their idol is at disadvantaged. Is this a Filipino thing?

    • You, yourself should think why you hate Marcos children, as the saying goes the “sin of the father is not the sin of the children”..Ferdinand Marcos Sr. died a longtime ago, his time just past, his sins and doings goes with him as he died..!!

    • dating magna-nakaw on

      Marcial Lex is another example of no brain, low IQ Filipino that cannot stay on the issue, what is being debated or commented, and he is assuming that I hate Marcos children. There is no hatred here because my family and I, were not even affected during Marcos regime, nor any of the past regimes, even in today’s regime. By reading history, and watching videos, I was able to put the pieces together and I am proud that I have learned so much about the Philippines.

    • Andres Tatcho Cudiamat on

      I am not a brainwash by tge Marcoses. Actually I hated him (FEM) when he declared Martial Law. But what happened after him? Cory did nothing, and so Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo. More we became hopeless during the Abnoy Aquino regime. So I told myself that it is better to go back during those Martial Law days of FEM. I am hoping that BBM will win the Election protest to work with the best president the Philippines has ever produced who is a pro Pilipino and pro poor PRRD.

  13. Mrs. Sereno, everyone is accountable. The unknown poor homeless man roaming the street is nothing different from you. Remember that.

    • Sereno is a mental case as his boss so what else is new. Don’t know why a psychiatric test flunkee is the head of the SC…we’ll as the saying goes…” only in the Philippines”….

  14. Kung may hiya pang natitira sa katawan at dignidad ang mga dilawan siguro naman matatauhan na sila kung anong klaseng aso angkanilang sinusuportahan. Kung sino pa ang nasa justice system sila pa ang pasaway at bastos sa due process of law.

  15. jeff jaramillo on

    Also, if Robredo is found defeated in the election, she should return all salaries and allowances she received. At may multa pa.

  16. jeff jaramillo on

    Dapat walang bayad muna. Dapat ay kung mapatunayan na ang gobierno ang nagkamali sa pagbilang ng botos, then ang gobierno ang magbabayad. Ngayon, kung may kinalaman ang partido liberal, the Liberal Party ang magbabayad. Kung may kinalaman ni Leni, then Leni Robredo will pay.

    This way, ang mga sinungaling ang magdurosa hindi ang napagsinungalingan o linoko. And this will discourage ang election cheating. Ang nangyayari sa ngayon ay na-didiscourage ang magprotest or those who are seeking for the thruth or true election result.

    Sereno, if proven to have delayed the release of this recounting requirement, then she is known to be protecting lies and liars, the yellowtards and all illegals, thus does not deserve the position where she is now. as Chief Justice.

    • The best scenario, it seems to me, is for both parties (the protester and the defendant) to pay an equal amount. Later. if the protester comes out to be the real winner, he should get a full refund of what he paid and the defendant should pay for the cost of the whole recount process. But if the protester loses his case, then it’s the reverse: he should pay for the cost of the whole process and the defendant gets a full refund. The rationale is, it’s simply unreasonable to make the cheated party pay for something that was his to begin with. Hopefully this will reduce or eliminate incidence of election cheating knowing that would-be cheaters will realize that they will be made to pay if they embark on election hocus pocus.

  17. Sereno is indeed incapable of rising beyond politics. She is a politically partisan mammal. She is protecting somebody perhaps for personal interests. She should be impeached. Ooh, what the previous administration did to the judiciary?

  18. Marcos should not have to pay anything for a fair determination of who really won the VP election.
    He already proved cause before the court would even hear the case.

    A forensic investigation should of been conducted as soon as it was learned that smartmatic accessed the system while the election was in progress.
    Of course all that happened was a bunch of liberal party stooges at Comelec deny that any cheating happened.

    Waited almost a entire year for those clowns on the Supreme Court to rule that the VP candidates have to pay for the recount.

    Ever wonder why the Philippines is bottom of the barrel in Asia ? Nah, me either.

  19. gary reblando on

    tanong ko lang po…bakit po kailangan pang magbayad sa SC para sa inihaing protesta para sa #RECOUNT ng mga balota..ei..di po ba ito ay nagpapakita ng kanilang hindi patas na pagdedesisyon…o sadya po bang may pinapanigan ang batas..bakit po may ganuong kalaking halaga…iyon po ba ay mapupunta sa mga DAPAT NA MABAYARAN sa HUKUMAN…

    • want mo ba tax ng taong bayan ung gamitin para sa recount na yan? tama lang po yan na sila mag bayad sa mga taong mag rerecount, hindi po un libre. maraming salamat po

    • Ang mag recount ay hindi libre. Yong tao na mag perform sa task ay kakain, gagamit ng makina(maintenance ng makina), gagamit ng koryente, etc.

      All involves money. Subukan mo mag trabaho na hindi ka babayaran.

  20. He can easily pay with all the millions stashed away for safe keeping. Such amount is peanuts to the Marcos family. Leni has to turn to her supporters to cough up with 15.4M. Let us see what happens as I am sure it will take years before this issue is finally resolved.

    • chicken feed lang din kay Leni yan… remember Robredo’s property.. condo pa lang.. billion na.. eh yung mga nakatago pa…

  21. Josie Asuncion on

    What is 66 million pesos to BM? Chicken! Even in dollars and 1 payment scheme, he could pay that without a doubt.

  22. Bongbong Marcos should pay the amount in order to resolve and determine who really won the last election.

    • jeff jaramillo on

      NO, as of now, Bongbong is the victim. He was cheated, the people who voted for him were cheated. The cheats should shoulder the cost of recounting.

      Kaya maraming crooks dahil pati sa Supreme Court ay may crook din, si SERENO!

    • felicitas manasseh on

      Kung cya ay dinaya bkit cya pagbabayarin?Dapat ung nandaya ang pagbayarin pra matauhsn ang mga yan.