SC orders preliminary conference on Poe case


THE Supreme Court (SC) en banc has ordered the setting of a preliminary conference in the case of Sen. Grace Poe against the Commission on Elections (Comelec), which ordered delisting of her name in the ballot for the presidency.

With the ruling of the SC en banc that overwhelming confirmed a temporary restraining order (TRO) issued by Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno last December 28, 2015, the High Court has set the conference for January 14 at the SC justices lounge in Padre Faura, Manila.

With a vote of 12 against 3, the majority of the justices confirmed the TRO of Sereno, which was recommended by Associate Justices Mariano del Castillo and Marvic Leonen.

The preliminary conference will be attended by the parties, both from the Comelec and Poe camps, along with their lawyers.

Also asked to appear are the petitioners in the Comelec who are pushing for the disqualification of Poe, among them lawyer Estrella Elamparo in the first case and former senator Francisco Tatad, Antonio Contreras and Amado Valdez in the second case.

This conference shall be in preparation for oral arguments on January 19.


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  1. If elected, Poe would not be the first underqualified president. Aquino’s mother set the trend.

    While Cory had heart, this quality alone, as history has shown, would not be enough to effectively manage a country. Her feeble-minded regime ensured a descent to chaos marked by coup-de-etats and 18-hour power blackouts. Ramos provided a steadying hand. But after the boring disciplinarians’s term, the sovereign electorate, the Filipino people, decided that presidents should have entertainment value as a primary qualification and elected a clown, not by a mere majority, but by a landslide.

    There are strong, valid reasons to suggest that Arroyo would not have made it to a second term had the votes been fairly counted. We would have had another entertainer as prez, the present frontrunner candidate’s father. Our current president sits, not because of some overwhelming intellectual or managerial achievement, but because of a populace’s addiction to telenovelas which the Aquino family’s colorful history provided.

    Elections are always crossroads. We choose how we want our lives to be in the next six years. How Filipinos choose their presidents, at least within the past generation up to today, have always shown a strong bias against wisdom and maturity. We elect presidents, then we curse them for traits or non-qualities that have been quite obvious during their candidacies.

    Now, we have this plea from a large segment of the populi to let HER run, unmindful of constitutional infirmities. And the Constitution is not even severe in its requirements. It does not say that to be qualified as a presidential candidate, one has to display some super human qualities of intelligence or has to have a Miss Universe’s beauty and wit. It just says you have to be a Filipino.

    I will not go into this debate of what kind of Filipino she is. What matters more is what she brings to the table. If she were different, let us say, a top-level executive at Google or a professor at Wharton, I guess a lot fewer people would mind that she is a regurgitated Filipino.

    I just hope that this debate ends quickly. If the SC disqualifies her, then so be it. Let us move on. I dare say now that this would not be a loss for our country. If, on the other hand, the SC qualifies her, then let the REAL DEBATE begin, ie if she is truly qualified to run this nation.

  2. Senator Grace Poe is a natural born Filipino citizen; that’s irrefutable even without further proceedings. Asking her for most-likely impossible evidence is just prolonging the battle and confusing people’s mind about her candidacy. She met the standards and requirements. Hence, she has the very right to seek the presidency.

  3. Francheska Ramos on

    Senator Grace Poe, we know in our hearts that you will overcome all of this and will emerge victorious in the end. The law, the truth, and the people are on your side. We are behind you all the way. Vox populi, vox Dei.

  4. let’s see how the petitioners will defend their nonsense, baseless accusations. It is clear that applicable jurisprudence all points to the fact that Senator Poe qualifies to run for President.

    • Please read the Consitution on who are citizens of the Philippines. They are written in simple English you don’t have to be a lawyer to understand them. Foundlings are not included in the enumeration. The Constitution was approved by the sovereign Filipino people and no law, international law or convention can be above the Constitution. So what is your basis on saying that Grace Poe qualifies for President if, as admitted, she is a foundling? Why complicate matters when Constitution should be the SOLE basis to determine who are Filipino citizens. Another obstacle is the fact that Grace Poe had renounced her citizenship when she became a naturalised U.S. citizen which means she became a foreigner. A foreigner can only become Filipino citizen by naturalization. Therefore when she applied to become Filipino citizen again her status is naturalised Filipino citizen NOT natural-born citizen because she has to perform the act of oath-taking to become Filipino citizen. The Constitution defines a natural-born as one who need not perform any act to acquire or perfect his citizenship. If we allow a natural-born to reacquire same status then it will debase the value of a natural-born citizenship. It means one may renounce his citizenship as many times as he wants since he can always become natural-born citizen again and again. It will just be like a piece of clothing which you can wear and change and wear again when needed. Besides it is unfair to those who never renounced their citizenship.

  5. This preliminary conference is a slap on the face of GRACE POE .You must look and listen to her tv ad today at abs – cbn ( January 13, 2914,at 8:30Pm and 9:00Pm ) how she dishonored the WISDOM OF THE SUPREME COURT.