SC paves way for Daza protest


THE Supreme Court has junked a petition filed by Rep. Harlin  Abayon of Samar against the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET) and former Rep. Raul Daza.

In a full court ruling dated February 24, 2015 but was released to the media only recently, the High Tribunal dismissed Abayon’s petition, finding no grave abuse of discretion on the part of HRET when it entertained the protest of Daza.

The High Tribunal en banc’s resolution was promulgated by Clerk of Court, lawyer Enriqueta Vidal.

“The Court resolved to dismiss the petition for failure to sufficiently show that any grave abuse of discretion was committed by the [HRET] in rendering the challenged order and resolution which, on the contrary, appear to be in accord with the facts and applicable law and jurisprudence,” the ruling stated.

Daza filed his election protest before the HRET, claiming he was allegedly cheated in the counting of votes at the Northern Samar Provincial Board of Canvassers that led to Abayon’s proclamation.

He contested the results, alleging he was defeated only by 52 votes.

Daza pointed out that he obtained 72,805 votes per canvass by the Provincial Board of Canvassers, while Abayon allegedly got 72,857 votes.

In his electoral protest filed before the HRET, he sought a manual count of ballots in 17 precincts where his votes were supposedly not counted.

This was opposed by Abayon who sought HRET’s immediate dismissal of the case until it reached the High Tribunal.


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  1. Mr. Daza,
    One or 52 difference….you were still defeated. You and your family have ruled Northern Samar since around 1969 when you defeated Eusebio Moore. Nortehanons trusted you because they thought you are capable of leading a nascent province (Samar divided into three provinces) to prosperity having been a topnotcher in the bar examinations. But despite your academic acumen and the province’s resources, your only accomplishment is making Northern Samar a consistent lister in the Top Ten Most Impoverish Province of the Philippines. You must accept that there is an end to everything…they got tired of you and want ‘change’ and that’s why they dumped you and your son included. Mahirap bang intindihin ‘yon. You can retire with that “52” and you can still hold your chin high. If you run next time it will be 52,000 and it’s not good. But no doubt, magaling ka sa ‘kuraptcha’, I mean.. kuratsa.

    The Dazas are perfect specimens to back up theories that excellent academic performance does not always translate to effective political leadership. They are a complete failure.