SC poised to rule pork as unconstitutional


(By Jomar Canlas, Headline, November 18, 2013)
Good news at last!
Now, the budget for rehab for Eastern and Western Visayas will be placed under the agencies like DPWH, DOH, DSWD, etc… And these crocs must not be allowed to intervene or interfere with the what and where’s of such projects being planned by the agencies. They should deal direct with the governors and mayors! No more dirty hands of senatongs and tongressmen involved!
Miguel Doromal,

Finally the Filipino money will be used to help Filipinos and not kept by crafty fake illegal schemes. The rest of the world will be so happy that corruption has been curtailed from the rampant selfishness of those in power. Foreign Governments will also appreciate that the Philippines can contribute to its own diaster relief and not expect the UN to pay it all.
Raymond Stenhouse,


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