THE Supreme Court (SC)  has upheld a Court of Appeals (CA) ruling affirming the sale of the controversial Cambridge property as well as Instia properties of the Silverio clan in Forbes Park in Makati City. Thus, the property presently being leased by the Turkish Ambassador to the Philippines belonged to its buyer and owner, Zee2 Resources, Incorporated. In its decision, penned by Associate Justice Martin Villarama Jr., the high tribunal held that the CA did not err in reversing the August 18, 2011 order of the intestate court , annulling the sale of the properties grounded solely on the injunction issued earlier issued by the appeals court. The late Beatriz S. Silverio died without leaving a will. She was survived by her legal heirs, namely: former Bulacan Rep. Ricardo C. Silverio, Sr. (husband), and sons  Edmundo , Edgardo  and Ricardo Jr. and daughters Nelia  and Ligaya.


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  1. This is a good decision. The sale was annulled by a technicality – by the Intestate Court. So, the SC just decided on its merits – that the property was sold by the Silverios, and bought and paid for by Zee2. The Silverio heirs are greedy. They want to have their cake and eat it too!