• SC set to acquit Arroyo on plunder

    ACQUITTAL LOOMS Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in detention for plunder, is likely to be freed soon, with a majority of Supreme Court justices inclined to grant her plea to dismiss the case over weak evidence, according to The Manila Times sources.

    ACQUITTAL LOOMS Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in detention for plunder, is likely to be freed soon, with a majority of Supreme Court justices inclined to grant her plea to dismiss the case over weak evidence, according to The Manila Times sources.

    AN OVERWHELMING majority of Supreme Court (SC) justices are inclined to acquit detained former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of a plunder charge involving her supposed misuse of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) funds.

    Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin has begun circulating a draft decision junking the criminal case for plunder against Arroyo, now a representative of Pampanga, by granting her plea for a demurrer to evidence, unimpeachable sources at the high court told The Manila Times.

    Arroyo’s demurrer to evidence, denied by the Sandiganbayan last year, is a motion to dismiss the case because of weak evidence presented by prosecutors.

    Once granted by the High Court, all other related cases will be considered moot, which will eventually release Arroyo from detention at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City.

    A favorable SC ruling will have the effect of acquitting Arroyo.

    The case cannot be refiled by the Ombudsman under the principle of “double jeopardy.”

    The Manila Times made a head count of several SC justices, who asked not to be named, and found that they were poised to clear Arroyo of the supposed embezzlement of P366 million in PCSO intelligence funds from 2008 to 2010.

    One source said several magistrates were inclined to favor the draft decision of Bersamin, which states that the Sandiganbayan “acted capriciously … gravely abusing its discretion amounting to lack or excess of jurisdiction.”

    The source said the Bersamin draft ponencia recommended to “grant” the petition for certiorari of Arroyo for demurrer to evidence and “annuls and sets aside” the resolution issued by the Sandiganbayan under Criminal Case No. SB-12-CRM-0174 on April 6, 2015, and the First Division of the Sandiganbayan on September 10, 2015.

    Also expected to be cleared is former PCSO Budget and Accounts manager Benigno Aguas, who was said to have certified the availability of funds for intelligence purposes despite a deficit in the charity agency.

    Weak case
    Arroyo’s lawyers had decided not to present evidence before the Sandiganbayan on the belief that the prosecution, the Office of the Ombudsman, had a weak case against the former president.

    When the SC resumed work in an en banc session after a month-long recess in May, Arroyo’s case was included in the agenda for June 7.

    At the time, it was listed in the agenda under “Item No. 91” for the deliberation of the justices. This was rescheduled to June 14 and called two weeks later, on June 28.

    This case has again been scheduled for deliberation and voting in July.

    Three cases
    There are three petitions in the SC involving Arroyo.

    The first case is handled by Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, involving the determination of probable cause in the plunder case of Arroyo after she was charged for her alleged participation in embezzling PCSO intelligence funds.

    An SC source said this case no longer had any bearing after a presentation of evidence before the Sandiganbayan.

    The second case, which is the demurrer to evidence plea set to be decided by the SC, will be the “supervening event” once the decision comes out.

    The third case involves review of petition for bail of the former president, which was also junked by the Sandiganbayan.

    The case has reached the 15-man tribunal and the decision is supposed to be written by Associate Justice Jose Catral Mendoza. This will also be mooted once the SC votes on Arroyo’s demurrer to evidence.

    President Rodrigo Duterte had offered to pardon Arroyo once elected to Malacañang. The former president, however, declined as this would mean admitting guilt.


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    1. Emma ceberano on

      Thank God makakalaya na rin siya. I’ve been praying for her
      Talagang ganyan ….weather weathet lang yan.

    2. Marz gesflor on

      Just like J.strada said … Weather weather Lang yan…(it’s true in PR poli-system) no body was convicted , all were detainees only….I wonder, what kind of SC does PR got?

      • Karamihan sa mga Jurado ng Korte Suprema ay mga galamay ni Abnoy lalo na yang si Sireno. Ganun din sa Ombudsmanm, Sandiganbayan pati sa COMOLEak.Dapat lang na palitan ni Pres Digong ang mga tuta ni Abnoy kasi karamihan sa kanila kampi sa Sindikatong Dilaw. Hangang nananatili sa pwesto ang mga Demonyong yan walang pagbabagong magaganap.

    3. another blow to the ‘matuwid na daan’ … what now, sen. leila and citizen p-noy? kayo naman kaya ang magdusa sa veterans hospital along with your incompetent justices and prosecutors.

    4. This maybe a hoax. leaked” premature draft decision. preliminary interview/survey of SC justices are most unlikely.

    5. And this one is another case of unfair law implementation. Meron na itong hard evidences na nangurakot, bakit till now di pa nahahatulan, dahil hindi mahirap? And how about Binay, tahimik si Pilandok sa kanyang aksyon ukol dito.

      Pareho lang ang premise ng hinuhuling mga small time addict/pushers at ang kaso ni Gloria at Binay, suspect pa lang din sila. Pero nahatulan na agad ng kamatayan ang mga maliliit na isda.

    6. Glowout Noyin on

      We’re fun of playing the musical chair.

      The old raider has vacated her hospital home for Noynoy’s occupancy.

      Now, the wheel has turn, putting one over the taxpayers heads again.

      The table, er, the government treasury is again ready to be raided by the old and the young alike.

    7. It is like a comedy skit, first Estrada went to jail, then he was pardoned, release. After the release Arroyo went to jail, looks like she will be release. Then BS Aquino will go to jail. Question, who will release BSAquino ? Mind you these are successive ex presidents. What a corrupt nation! This nation is a nation of thieves and drug addicts.

    8. vengatibo naman talaga si NOYTAD,kahit alam niyang walang ebiensya kay CGMA ay kinasangkapan niya ang wa;ang hiyang si de lima,conchita morales at iba pa na mga gagong kagaya ni ABNOY.

    9. Mabuhay c Pres. Arroyo. For me, she is the 2nd best Pres. after Pres. Marcos who presided this country. She cutted-off and fought the yellow oligarchy who wanted her to be its puppet, too.

    10. Joshua Schneider on

      As the cartoon character Charlie Brown is fond of saying.

      “GOOD GRIEF”…

      It is not the graft, the “Good Old Boy” band of crooks and miscreants, or even the revolving door of endless streams of politicians who have always been assured that their type of justice will be served.

      It is that they no longer bother about the optics that the Philippines continues to present the world with. We are truly getting what we deserve for allowing ourselves to have been ruled by a upper class that obviously has placed themselves above the law of the land. I think that DU30, starting with the elimination of the strutting peacocks usually blocking traffic at Rizal Park is off to a good start.

      We have seen that the Kings and Queens have no clothes. The sight is not a pleasant one.

    11. justice delayed, justice denied. only in your coubtry PINAS. look at the case of Marcos, the cases in local areas like in the province of pangasinan.. so many cases the judges were asking bribes or bribed by the accused party and lack of enforcements of the the final judge’s decisions.

      Attn: mr. beloved President Du30.

    12. For the sake of slapping and shaming BS Aquino, release GMA and put in her place the real King of thieves DAP’Noy Aquino but not in Veterans hospital. BS Aquino should locked in “Kulungan ng mga baliw”.

    13. Its about time. But question remains of which i am highly interested is what to do with the sandigan bayan justices whom from the very beginning ABUSED their authority? It should not be tolerated more they should be sanctioned harshly as what they did to arroyo. More so Pnoy whom by everyones mind directed it all should not be left alone. Pnoy is as ruthless as marcoses but only his way are much more of an action of a modern politicians.

      • impeachment lang ang pwedeng gawin sa mga tiwaling mga sandiganbayan justices at sc justices or pwersa ng pangulo katulad ng ginawa ni benito boy sisi kay merciditas gutierez nuon. pero pwede ring kasuhan ni arroyo ang mga sandiganbayan justices for abuse of power at disbarment sa sc.

      • Why in the first place the country has the “Sandigan Bayan” and the Supreme Court? However, I was told by reliable sources that both have corrupt justices…So if you want the govt to get rid of one might as well get rid of both and restructure the judicial system. Doesn’t that idea makes sense? Nop???? Uumm!!

    14. Ang mayorya ng hukom sa SC ay appointees ni Arroyo. Natural may utang na loob mga yan. At dahil nga wala na si PNoy sa poder edi back to the old good (err… bad) times of wheeling, dealing and palakasan sa SC!

      • Ignacio Balbutin on

        ikaw ha, eh kung may utang na loob bakit she was convicted in the first ;place, mag isip ka naman ha

      • Justices are independent minded people. No matter who appointed them, they rely on the merits of the case.

      • Justices are independent minded people. Regardless who appointed them, they rely on the merits of the case.

      • You are implying that she is faking a medical problem when it is well known and documented.
        The condition, is called multilevel cervical spondylosis which is irreversible and progressive” spine disease

        Arroyo has had at 2 surgeries so far in the Philippines that have failed.

        Aquino and De Lima have prevented Arroyo from leaving the country to get treatment in a first world hospital.

      • the former autistic president will just say he is not in his right mind when he committed abuses as president and he will just blame the people who voted for him…that will be his strongest defense…

    15. Aquino and De Lima kept Arroyo under hospital arrest for 6 years for nothing.
      Denied her from going to get medical treatment for her spinal condition for 6 years for nothing.

      Aquino and De Lima should be in jail.

    16. Vincent de Belen on

      It’s high time to charge those who filed the case with a weak evidences and who under blind obedience to the former leader who wanted to imprison GMA on lousy and unprepared evidences. They must be made to pay

      • The poor FPGMA made to endure so much pain due to her spine injury because she was denied proper medication overseas.

    17. It’s now Noynoy’s turn to go to jail. He will be paranoid once jailed, and the only way he can escape jail is to plead insanity.

    18. Arturo Damias on

      In the world of political reality, Acquittal of Arroyo will firm up the indictments against Aquino. End of Yellow Cult?

    19. Humanda ka abnoy on

      maliwanag kahit noong umpisa pa lang na WALA NAMAN TALAGA SILANG EBIDENSYA……Pero gusto lang babuyin ang pagka tao ni BGMA at ikulong kahit na walang sala….dapat lang maparusahan ang manga animal na nambabaoy kay GMA !!

    20. Carpio Morales should apologized and resigned from sandigan for GMA’s illegal detention and harassment !