SC sets orals on de Lima drug case


The two justices appointed to the Supreme Court (SC) by President Rodrigo Duterte will take part in oral arguments on the drug trafficking case against embattled Sen. Leila de Lima.

Newly appointed SC Justices Samuel Martires and Noel Tijam are expected to attend the oral arguments on March 14, Tuesday.

The SC on Thursday set a conference on Friday for pre-oral arguments.

The oral arguments will be heard by Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and the 14 SC justices.

Parties from the camps of the petitioners and the respondents, however, shall not be allowed to participate.
Martires took his oath before Duterte on Wednesday in Malacañang and Tijam before SC Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr. on Thursday morning.

Last February 28, the High Court ruled to keep de Lima detained after refusing to issue a stay order on her plea to stop the trial of her drug trafficking case pending before a Muntinlupa City (Metro Manila) court.

The senator argued that there was no iota of proof presented by the Department of Justice linking her to the illegal drug trade.

She said she could be charged only with “direct bribery,” not drug trafficking, under Article 210 of the Revised Penal Code.


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  1. I would like to see how the trials went of those drug dealers who implicated de lima in their dealings. When their cases were in court did they plead innocent & say they wernt dealing in drugs or did they hold their hands up & said yes we have made millions of pesos profit dealing in drugs. Now surely once jailed if then de lima did start to deal in drugs with them ( taking money from them is the same as dealing in drugs as its drugs money ) then again surely she would have been campaigning for lighter sentences or very early releases for them. Did she do any of that. Then secondly if they did lie in court during their cases why on earth would any sensible person or reasonable person listen to let alone believe a single f=word from their mouths.

  2. D5 and company committed the crime charged through conspiracy. They conspired with one another to accomplish a common goal- that is illegal drug trading and to aggravate matters, done inside the national penitentiary which is not possible unless D5 as DOJ Sec. who has control over said place sanctioned or authorized it. In conspiracy it said that the act of one is the act of all. All the prosecutor have to prove is establish conspiracy and that’s it. No need to present what these lawyers are calling the ‘corpus delicti’ evidence or the drug itself.

  3. Joe Dela Victoria on

    Hello CJ Sereno! … Please release to us your short and long plans to improve the present Justice System we have in this country?
    The Justice Sytem is always Blamed as Weak! A Rich Drug Lord or a Drug Dealer cannot be convicted because the Justice System is Weak! A Government Plunderer cannot be convicted because the Justice System is Weak! The Death Penalty cannot be approved not because people don’t wan’t it but Because Again because our Justice System is Weak and only the poor are convicted!

    CJ Sereno- you entered court as the youngest but it was five years ago! How could the other two branches of the government, the media and the Filipino as well help you! Yet YOUR ARE SILENT until now!

    CJMLS – please in your time STOP the conditioned general impression the “Our Present Justice is to Blamed!”

  4. The two new SC appointees SHOULD inhibit themselves in the procedure. Duterte’s Delima fury is aided by the several SC appointees he will eagerly make. Bad news for fairness. Bad news for the country.

  5. Tinde! ng SC para pag aksayahan pa ng pansin si DeLimaw. Samantalang mas madami pang mas nauna at mas importanteng kaso na nakapila sa inyo. Kung nanood lang kayo ng house hearing at pag amin ni delima alam nyo ng mga probable cause para kasuhan siya, wag kayong mga tanga!