• SC to Comelec: Explain on Marcos poll petition


    The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday ordered the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to explain the apparent upsurge and abrupt fall of votes and the discrepancy of votes for the president and Vice President in the petition to prosecute Smartmatic officials who tampered with the Automated Election System (AES).

    During the deliberations of the SC en banc, the High Court ordered the Comelec to file its comment on the petition filed by Eduardo Bringas, Bishop Reuben Abante and Moses Rivera.

    Also named respondent to the case was GMA Channel 7 in view of its blow-by-blow account of the counting of votes.

    The petition was filed by the group for fear of fraud, which might have occurred during the May 9, 2016 polls.

    In the vice presidential race, it was even seen on national television that Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. led in the evening of May 9, in the counting of votes against Camarines Rep. Leni Robredo. But by the morning of May 10, Robredo’s votes suddenly surged by as much as 200,000 votes.

    In their petition, Bringas, Abante and Rivera asked the SC to mandate the Comelec “to explain the apparent erratic upsurge and abrupt fall in the discrepancy between the votes for the President and Vice President from the May 9, 2016 7:25 p.m.; 7:45 p.m.; 8:05 p.m.; and 8:25 p.m.; specifically, where the votes came from and where they were later assigned.”

    The petitioners also pleaded to require GMA 7 to provide all the published updates of the election results and the raw data that were received from the transparency or mirror server, which shall serve as control date.

    After the reported tampering of the machines inside the Comelec, the petitioners want Smartmatic to be directly held responsible and cause the poll body to conduct an investigation and prosecute the conspirators in the crime.

    The petitioners also prayed that the High Court will order the Comelec to allow and the public to have access to the source codes and hash codes.

    They also asked that Chairman Andres Bautista and the commissioners who already made conclusions to the case recuse themselves from the investigation after having manifested their bias in the case, once Comelec starts with the probe.

    It was also pleaded “to cause an independent and thorough investigation of the two reported incidents, directing the members and chair of the respondent Commission who already made conclusions regarding the said incidents to inhibit themselves.”


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    1. fidel S. Pescador on

      I believed that God never sleeps nor slumber the truth will eventually come out like a rotten eggs that nobody can stands its rottenness….God bless Philippines…

    2. Ask a certain Delector, a candidate in Gandara, Western Samar, who alleged that a smartmatic personnel approached him and offer “help” in exchange for huge money. At first he was tempted to engage at that price agreed. But when that smartmatic personnel cameback he raised the offer. This certain Delector did no longer negotiate. True enough he was lose the post

    3. The integrity of the election,without doubt, has been compromised. And the Comelec Chair is making light of it by defending the violators. Looks like he does not realize the implications of these wrongdoings happening under his watch. He should be made accountable because surely he knew all along that the script tweak was meant to alter the election results.

    4. Johnny Bulaoit on

      Ginagago daw ng COMELEC ang mga Filipino sabi ni Pres. Rodrigo. Ngayon marami na ang sumosuko para hindi sila mabilanggo.

    5. Luke Why would the Supreme Law of the land direct the case to a lower investigating body if they already have the case? Anyone could file a case to the Supreme Court. You think PET will conduct a fair and honest investigation since most of the members are LPs?

    6. 1. We Filipinos are akin to details, how come a foreigner like Marlon Garcia can spot d descripancy on some of d candidate’s name and we did not?
      2. How come a foreigner lyk him can just go on tampering with d server without d permission of d comelec en banc?
      3. Bautista of d comelec is d 1st person to defend him and goes on to say it’s just a cosmetic change while guanzon said it’s illegal adding dat only bautista has d password to access d server, so what do u make of dat. Where did Marlon Garcia get d password to access the server so he could do d change?
      4. And why o why do any change in d hash code in d middle of d counting, without proper authorization not unless somebody give d order so high up lyk d mamasapano massacre again?
      5. I don’t know what u people make of dat, but for me it’s a simple one plus one. Somebody ordered dat, and it was done because these kind of people think they are above d LAW. The only thing I wish, there should be Accountability, not my job anyway….

    7. The Protest of Senator Bongbong Marcos has taken it’s due course:the Supreme Court : a test case for PET;someone must do the initiative for the welfare of the filipino voters to safeguard future Philippine Elections from similar frauds and cheatings for this new technology of electoral processes!

    8. I think BBM is not stupid to spent a big amount if he is not sure of his evidence that he collected..so just wait and see..hoping what’s true will come out!

    9. Juan dela cruz afraid to be identified? But obviously one of the paid dummy? My confidence that this ussue should be solve asap. We will not allow a VP cheater sitting next to President. She doesn’t deserve any respect. And this comelec chairman should not be allowed to interfere or be involved in this investigation. Lets get rid of any yellow colour in our country. We have suffered so much in the hands of few rich no concern to common filipino. Yellow tards protected the rich and their rich for the last 30years. I still have faith in our justices in supreme Court hope they will meet our expectation. God bless Philippines

    10. Let the law run it’s course. If it is proven that Marcos won, so be it and if Robredo is the true winner so be it.

    11. juantdelacruz if its really ur name, you know too well haba pa ng sulat mo eh bulag at bingi ka nman sa katotohanan….

    12. Let’s see what happens next. We know there was cheating and to say that there is no evidence is unfair. The Courts will not order Comelec to explain if the complaint has no basis.

    13. Shiela Pauline on

      Standard Operating procedure lang ito ng SC, ‘due’ process daw yan, bigyan ng opportunity mag-explain ang kabilang side. Of course, hindi ibig sabihin nito ay guilty, dahil tinanong.

      Don’t read too much into this move by SC.

      • Fred Pescador on

        Who are you to say not to read too much on this move by SC? We, the filipino people have the freedom to exercise our rights like you…that is if you are a filipino.

      • Yes, it is SOP if the evidences were enough to merit such questioning

        Dahil kung mahina ang evidences, it will be junked automatically

    14. Juan T. Delacruz on

      The “Boys” of Marcos Jr. are still confused and still on fishing expedition, because up to this date, they have not found any evidence to support their claim. Therefore, they cannot go to PET to file a formal complaint, without a concrete evidence. Personally, I am beginning to feel sorry for these dickheads because they have been everywhere, pointed their fingers to everywhere and have tried to blame everything on everybody just to get something, just to prove that they have been cheated. They even brought up the issue, that SMATMATIC personnel rented a hotel room close to LP Headquarters in Quezon City and I think they even blamed COMELEC Chairman Bautista the he was involved in vote rigging and being born UGLY.

      They have blamed the AES machines used in the election as the culprit and up to this point, they are still digging. A very simple concept was used, as the VCMs used in polling places, and the votes are transmitted to the servers for storage, with all the safety features such as addresses and configuration passwords. In short, what is being inputted in VCM is transmitted to the servers for storage and counting. You will never find any discrepancy on any of the machines used in the election. Neither the COMELEC nor the SMARTMATIC can be blamed , as well.

      Who did COMELEC used as an the Internet Service Provider or ISP? Different provider (PLDT, SMART and etc.) have different approach of DATA Routing. Instead of routing data in the country’s own IX ( Internet Exchange), PLDT connects to Hongkong Internet Exchange (HKIX) through its private VIX (Vitro Internet Exchange). The DATA originated in the Philippines is routed outside the country, to Hongkong, just to return back to the Philippines. Instead, the DATA originate in the Philippines should terminate in the Philippines.

      I will give you a simple analogy to be more clear in the mind of lawyers or anybody interested, and you can draw any conclusion thereafter. I am not suggesting anything so keep me out from any trouble that this may cause.

      A luxury hotel in Metro Manila advertise with only one or two telephone numbers but this luxury hotel has over 300 rooms. These two telephone numbers rings the hotel’s telephone exchange and it will be up to the operator to connect callers from overseas or local to the hotel rooms requested. This type of communication is not secured because the telephone operator can open up your line and have another party to join the conversation or listen to your chiss-miss. What this example got to do with supposedly secure data routing? There is physical opening in the line of communication and anything can happen.

      • Juan De La Cruz…. mountains of evidence that COMELEC kept a blind eye… what can you expect to a HOCUS POCUS election?

        NOW, I presume that you’re afraid of your thoughts hiding under JUAN T. DE LA CRUZ… you have no balls to show your real name WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU’RE SAYING?

      • Tama ka Rose. Sadyang nagbubulagbulagan ang nagsasabing walang dayaang naganap. And how about this certain Herrera na pinalabas ng bansa kahit included sa respondents sa isinampang complaint ng mga Marcos? Bakit eeskapo kung walang kinakatakotan?mhmm…

      • Marcos is not stupid to go to war while JAUNDICE CULT are still in post, right time is very near, STAY PUT AND WATCH!!!

      • That’s why there’s a thing called investigation. What is after here is to find out why there are a sudden a change of scripts during exporting of data? Are we sure that was the only characters they’ve changed? In any private organization, you can never alter any data during “go live”, more so, with counting of votes. It’s a violation of election code having a personnel from Comelec altering data’s and much more if it was a foreigner or solutions provider with Comelec username and password.

        The security of votes are being contested here. It’s the right of every Filipino to know if we had credible and honest election? Having said, if we cannot assure that our votes are not secured…then the Comelec should explain and do the necessary to return the votes of the real winner.

        Btw, who were in a position to benefit if cheating was made? There are a lot of scenarios happened before election day that would further validate the outcome of result. You may call it a speculation but I’ll see it the other way around. Let the SC handle it, if it has a case then let’s move on the trial.

      • tony q. valenciano on

        With due respect to you sir, Juan T. Dela Cruz, your missing the point by a mile makes me suspect you could be a Yellowtard. For you are not including in your expose the presence of “queque server” hidden by the Tandem COMELEC SMARTMATIC from view and scrutiny, where the certificates of canvass of the VCMs from each precinct where first directed to be massaged or re-programmed before throwing them to the COMELEC Server and the server of the PCVRV! SO YOU SEE SIR, your analysis of the entire process employed in this computerized cheating by the aforesaid Tandem, is direly deficient, at most and at best, misleading! What safety, Sir Dela Cruz?