SC updates IT system


THE Supreme Court (SC) has paved the way for the updated Enterprise Information System Plan (EISP), which has been developed for the judiciary’s Information Communications Technology (ICT) capability, including a modern data center and disaster recovery site.

In a full court resolution promulgated by Clerk of Court Enriqueta Vidal, the SC approved “the updated EISP work and budget (2014-2019), [including many components], which are not covered by the 2009 EISP[.]”

It said the program provides the judiciary with functional, technical and structural specifications for select systems.

According to the tribunal, the 2009 EISP work plan worth P2.9 billion does not include “a budget for a judiciary-wide infrastructure . . . nationwide connectivity and network security, which, however, are prerequisites to the nationwide implementation of the EISP and ongoing ICT projects liked the eCourts.”

It said the previous budget did not include the counterpart support needed for full implementation of the eCourts.

Thus, the SC pointed out, a budget of P3.97 billion, which addresses the plan’s critical gaps, was provided after a technical expert’s review of the implementation of the EISP.

It said the work plan includes the following components, among others: eCourts funding support for software development and hardware requirements; upgrade of the Judiciary Data Center in the Supreme Court compound; Data Center Disaster Back-up Site at the Angeles City Hall of Justice; digitization of case records; and Hearing Management System.


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