• Scania’s 730hp V8: Beginning of a new era


    scania20161011THE all-new Scania 730-horsepower V8 in many ways represents the beginning of a new era, a new rule in the kingdom of high-output engines. With inexhaustible power and torque on tap, right when you need it the most, it’s bound to put you in the lead, competition behind – and a smile on your face.

    The new V8 is based on Scania’s new modular engine platform, introduced in 2007 on inline engines. It features a completely new design, yet it shares fundamental architecture and many components with its siblings in the Scania engine dynasty.

    Scania XPI fuel injection
    The widely acclaimed Scania XPI (extra-high pressure injection) fuel injection system is now used on a V8 engine for the first time. This system enables injections independently of camshaft position, as well as multiple injections. The result is better fuel efficiency and emission control.

    A genuine Scania thoroughbred
    Scania has a strong tradition of developing its own engines and transmissions, side by side, including all electronic systems, such as the Scania XPI. This gives the manufacturer an enormous advantage in terms of quality assurance and performance control. In a Scania the powertrain is always cut to fit. Components are matched perfectly to secure optimum output and robustness – and to reduce waste of energy.

    That’s why you will experience your Scania as a complete, solid low-maintenance unit, easy to adapt to your specific needs.

    Smooth power delivery
    Even though the new 730 hp V8 is an entirely new design, some tried and tested Scania V8 cornerstones are still here – such as the 90° cylinder bank angle. It provides a perfect equilibrium and balance to the engine, thereby ensuring the classic Scania ultra-smooth V8 power delivery – a unique sensation in the industry. This sensation is further enhanced by the power delivery via the new, fully automated Scania Opticruise.

    Excellent drivability
    What 3500 Nm means in terms of uphill hanging power and low-rev cruising comfort is hard to describe. Driving the R 730 feels like you can make do without a gearbox, as the engine actually feels stronger when the revs drop!

    Starting is easy, regardless of load, thanks to plenty of torque already from idling speed. Overtaking and acceleration capabilities are, of course, in a league of their own. With 730 hp at hand, whenever you need it, no transport task is too tough.

    The Scania V8 truck range
    The Scania V8 truck range offers the widest selection of output levels on the market, from 500 to 730 hp. There are also engines available in all emission levels: Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 and EEV. This makes it possible to enjoy the remarkable power, driveability, operating economy – and the unique V8 styling – regardless of need for engine output.


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