• Scarf against knife Part 2


    This is another useful control technique for law enforcers and for civilians who want to perform a citizen’s arrest. The scarf in this demonstration is just a representation of any similar object like a handkerchief, a belt or a rope.

    A scarf has the ability to loop around your opponent’s limb or weapon. It can also be utilized to destroy your foe’s balance or immobilize him.

    Photo 1 shows the defender (left) with a scarf preparing to engage an opponent with a knife. Photo 2 shows the defender sidestepping to avoid the assailant’s thrust while simultaneously using his scarf to parry the attack. Photo 3 shows the defender applying a binding technique to trap the assailant’s weapon hand. Photo 4 shows the defender maneuvering his hands to bend the assailant’s trapped hand towards his neck. Photo 5 shows the defender tying the scarf on the assailant’s neck to secure his hold. Photo 6 shows the defender maneuvering the assailant to a prone position securing full control.

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