SCARF20140413I learned this particular skill from my two pencak silat masters Pendekar Mohamad Hadimulyo and O’ong Maryono. I give credit to them for teaching me a lot of things regarding street fighting. Although wearing a scarf is not common here in Manila because of our humid and hot weather especially during summer, the scarf in this demonstration is just a representation of any similar object like a handkerchief, a belt or a rope. These common objects can be used as a flexible weapon. Law enforcement officers will find this technique useful in arresting and binding criminals.

Photo 1 shows the defender (left) with the scarf preparing to engage an opponent with a knife. Photo 2 shows the attacker executing a lunging thrust as the defender sidesteps to the left using his scarf to parry the weapon hand. Photo 3 shows the defender quickly binding the opponent’s hand to secure a tight trap. Photos 4 to 5 show the defender using the opponent’s forward momentum and applying leverage on the arm to take him to the ground. Photo 6 shows the defender gaining full control over his opponent.

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