• Scenes


    For Zonasha

    Young woman in cheap make up and pointed heels
    Clinging to the arms of the white fat man
    Passing without looking the Glassy eyed elderly woman
    Asking for alms in the Sidewalks marked
    With a politician’s initials
    To remind us, without them, who would build the roads?

    A traffic enforcer congesting the traffic
    Standing in the middle of the road
    Because he can, laughing about something—
    Always laughing about something
    The honks of shoe less drivers are powerless

    Young people in their flamboyant
    Fashion sense and irksome language
    You can even hear young girls say
    “Putang inang yan!” not to show
    Defiance or retaliation to a system,
    But because that’s what they hear everybody say

    As a punctuation mark of their sentences

    Men neatly dressed; I.D.s noosed to their neck,
    Neckties knotted tight, already choking their existence
    All seem to be doing something important
    Until you hear what they talk about: whores in tight short skirts

    And I at the eye of all these, not looking
    So different from them I am now looking at this
    Young woman standing beside me
    Not because she wore a tight short skirt
    But because she’s reading a Bulgakov
    While holding my right arm, waiting for a jeep
    Looking the sanest and I wonder
    Are you dying to get home too,

    And be far from this circus?




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