THROUGH its vibrant celebration characterized by the gratitude for Nature’s gift and the bounties of harvest, Kadayawan Festival has always drawn a significant interest from foreign and local tourists to Davao City.

    Held every third week of August, the Davao City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) said this year’s Kadayawan Festival celebration will be grander and more spectacular as people have prepared for this seven-day celebration with 12 major events.

    An ecumenical thanksgiving service at 4 pm to be held on August 14 at the Magsaysay Park will mark the opening of the 2017 Kadayawan Festival.

    For another year of blessing and bounty, it will be followed by the exhibition of the color and culture of Davao City’s father tribes that will be accompanied by music and lively dancing.

    From August 14 to August 20, the cultural show “Kadayawan Village and Bantawan” will display the 11 tribal communities in Davao City through a story told by a showcase of spectacular performances such as craft making, rituals, and costumes.

    The 11 tribal communities include Tagabawa, Clata-Giangan, Obu-Manobo, Ata, Matigsalug, Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug, Sama, Kagan and Iranun.

    On August 18, the Fluvial Float Parade “Subang Sinugdanan” and the Gathering called “Panagtagbo” will be held.

    At 7 am, the first Davao resettlement along the Davao River will be restaged as the 11 tribal communities traverse the river through a parade of their decorated floats at the Tionko Field.

    The floats will also represent the bounty of blessings in harvest, arts, and culture that are received by Davaoeños. It will also highlight the importance of conserving the “river of life.”

    At 9 am, a tribal game played by Muslim people called “Dula Kadayawan” will be held also at the Tionko Field. As the clock strikes at 6 pm, 11 young women who represent each tribe will present their indigenous costumes. It will be completed by cultural performances for the “Hiyas Kadayawan” or the search for symbolic Festival Gem at the USEP Gym, Obrero.

    From August 18 to August 20, onlookers can go to Palma Gil Street near People’s Park to enjoy nightly events that include food, music, and arts entertainment in “Ka’andayawan.”

    Meanwhile at 7 am on August 19, the “Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan” held on Magsaysay Avenue to San Pedro Square Parade Route, a street dance anchored on indigenous tradition performed by Mindanaoan dance contingency will intensify people’s merriment.

    On the same day, “Sayaw Kadayawan,” a competition of Mindanao myths, legend, and folklores transformed into dance narratives, will be witnessed at SM City Davao Annex.

    Prior to this is the “Tunog Kadayawan” where Mindanaoan composers and songwriters will battle in a competition at Magsaysay Ave.

    On August 20, the grand finale of the festival “Pamulak sa Kadayawan” which showcases the blooming and lush of flora in a float parade and competition teeming with artistry, will be held at the parade route.

    It will have five entries in the Dako (big) category, six entries in Gamay (small), and another four in Lahi category. CTOO said there will also be five non-competing floats for this event.

    It will be followed by the “Pitik Kadayawan” a drum-beating competition that highlights the indigenous melody and beat of diversified tribes in Davao.

    “Pitik Kadayawan” is a new competition that will have 11 contestants stationed on each float for the parade.

    Lastly, esteemed Mindanaoan artists will perform in a night filled with music and performing arts called “Lankuban sa Ka’andayawan,” which will be held at Palma Gil Street.


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