Schneider Electric introduces new energy-saving tech


Energy and management and automation group Schneider Electric is advancing in the local market with an energy-saving technology aimed at various sectors with continuous operations.

Schneider Electric Smart Panel during its launch

”The [companies]that will benefit greatly would be [those which have]operations that need to run consistently and continuously. Because if you already know what’s happening [in your system], it does not take so much time to fix that problem, it will ensure that you get back to your operation as soon as possible,” Michael Victor Sapitan, business director of Schneider Electric Philippines, said following the launch of Smart Panel in Pasay City.

Smart Panels has the capacity to communicate directly in real time by sending data to a computer or a smart device, allowing to track a building’s electrical system status and increase operational efficiency, Schneider highlighted.

He noted hospitals, hotels, data centers, business process outsourcing, are just some of the sectors that could take advantage of this technology.

“We already have it installed in several locations [in the Philippines]such as a major hotel chain and a mall,” he said.

Sapitan said the Smart Panel comes in handy as operators can use their smartphones to monitor system and check data.

“You just open your cellphone and you can already see from your smartphone what is happening. This is basically what a Smart Panel is. You can log on to it and you can switch the lights on or off,” he said.

“We are leveraging the technology of connected devices, IoT, Wi-Fi, because they are already available. If you open your phone in the office, you will see if your power meter is going crazy. All these information will make you act. It is up to you how much you want to save,” Sapitan added.



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