Schneider Electric recommends UPS use at home


As energy consumption rises, the threat of increased demand on power grids escalates the potential of power problems. It is important to keep in mind that whether at home or at work, surges or spikes can happen any time due to a number of causes like the on-rush of current following an outage, or the presence of high-powered electrical motors found in personal computers, air conditioners or other equipment.

“Uninterruptible power supply [UPS] may not be on most people’s holiday wish list, but they should be because as the household energy consumption increase during the holiday season, the risk of potential power problems escalates, and more than anything, safety and protection at home should always be made a priority,” said Jeff de Sousa, vice president for Information Technolgy Business for Schneider Electric Philippines.

Power protection begins with combating against surges and spikes. The first consideration is to keep the hardware itself safe from damage. When purchasing a surge protector, the lower the let-through voltage rating, the better your equipment will be protected. A surge protector should also offer a warranty that not only covers the surge protection device, but the electronic equipment that it is protecting.

“Having a continuous and reliable energy supply is very important for companies that are business as usual during holidays and Schneider Electric is keen on providing intelligent power solutions to protect their vital equipment and keep operations going,” said de Sousa.

Others use a reliable surge suppressor or uninterruptible power supply to protect their personal computers (PCs), but many do not understand the need to protect themselves from “back-door” surges, such as those from communication lines and computer peripherals. Schneider Electric recommends power protection for PCs and peripherals including printers, telephone/fax lines, and cable modems as well as other sensitive devices such as televisions, stereo systems, DVD players, and satellite dishes.

The company also said that for complete power protection solution choose a UPS, which is a battery backup that helps save data by keeping computer systems running with no interruptions in the event of a brownout, blackout, or overvoltage. A UPS allows the user to complete a transaction, save ongoing work, and gracefully shutdown the equipment. Surge suppressors and UPS systems on the market today can also provide protection against the risk of surges through telephone/fax/modem, cable, television, and network lines.

“Power surges and spikes don’t take breaks during holidays. That’s why we need to ensure that equipment are secured all the time,” said de Sousa.

“Nowadays, having a UPS to protect your data and prevent considerable damage to electronic equipment is a necessity at work and at home as well,” he added.


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