Schneider Electric to convert power for 170MW solar plant


SCHNEIDER Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, will be providing a fully integrated electrical solution for a 170-megawatt (MW) solar project in the country.

Serge Goldenberg, senior vice president of solar business for Schneider Electric, said the project will be developed this year. Goldenberg, however, refused to identify its local partner and the location of the project.

“What we do is we provide the electrical package so that means the power conversion and the low voltage, medium voltage associated to it. So it’s basically linking two solar panels to the grid,” he said.

He explained that in a solar generation system, the heart of the system is the power conversion and the software that is being used to monitor exactly what is happening in the process to make sure that output is optimized.

Goldenberg said the Philippines looks more than ready to join the solar power revolution, but he suggested that the government should ensure proper infrastructure maintenance and connected technologies to make it work.

“The archipelagic geology of the Philippines poses unique challenges in distributing energy produced from solar plants, but aside from that, adapting a solar system for the country is not far-fetched,” said Goldenberg.

Goldenberg expressed belief that with the right energy management technology, a solar power system built and developed in the Philippines has the potential to become a basis for other island nations who wish to adopt the same system.

He also cited the many benefits solar energy, not just for the consumers but also to companies who wish to venture into solar production.

Despite a substantial initial investment, he said solar power plants can practically pay for themselves.

He said the speed and ease of building a large-scale plant as well as distributed generation that can reduce transmission losses, and the sun being a virtually infinite energy source, all contribute to a speedy return of investment (ROI).

“Everything has to be connected and consistent. The only way to ensure that you’re making the most out of the solar energy you harvest is to vigilantly monitor each stage of production and distribution,” he said.

Schneider Electric tries to cover all the bases and provides technologies, consultancy and infrastructure for most of what a solar power system needs.


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