• Schneider launches energy-saving tech


    ENERGY and management and automation global specialist Schneider Electric on Tuesday introduced an energy-saving technology that is said would help Filipino consumers save power.

    Michael Victor Sapitan, Partner Project Sales director at Schneider Electric Philippines, told reporters in a media briefing that the energy-saving solution, Smart Panels, could help consumers reduce energy consumption.

    Smart Panels help to manage power distribution by providing real-time data via the user’s smart devices or computers, Sapitan said.

    He said this technology was suitable not only for large corporations but also for small- and medium- sized enterprises and even households.

    He said the savings could be “small or big”, noting this is because Smart Panels “give you the right information to address adjustments to save energy.”

    “[T]he thing with smart panels, we are translating the engineering terms to layman’s terms so ordinary people can understand [and]easily adapt,” he added.

    Sapitan said they were already in talks with some malls and hotels in the country for the use of this technology, and that Schneider Electric continues to pursue more companies in different sectors so that they can also benefit from this energy-saving technology.


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