• Schneider provides solutions for homes


    WHY ruin a relaxing moment by getting up to adjust the lights or regulate the temperature of your room?

    These inconveniences have been addressed by Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, through its Smart solutions for an intelligent home.

    With Schneider’s Smart solutions, families can totally control all the energy-consuming devices at the touch of a button.

    During the Xperience Efficiency 2013, Schneider Electric showcased its integrated solutions and expertise on residential solutions that can help families consume less and save more on energy, from every aspect of the household.

    Schneider Electric’s residential solutions adapt to the needs of family by delivering systems that combine temperature, shutter and lighting control at home, such as automated lighting fixtures with rotary dimmer and programmable thermostat systems for perfect comfort all day.

    “With a simple switch to the touch panel to control light, shutters and temperature, families are able to create a comfortable space with the perfect ambiance all day, every day,” said Allan Magallon, product sales engineer of Life Space Business for the Philippines, Schneider Electric.

    “We want our consumers to feel safe and secure while being able to help them create their own personal universe,” he said.

    More than comfort, home and energy security are also an integrated part of the Schneider Electric system where consumers can decrease their energy bill and save up to 35 percent off electricity bills, by combining lighting and heating control features. But in the Philippines, there are power interruptions caused by recent temperature rises and unpredictable weather conditions, which pose a greater potential risk of indoor equipment damage and additional energy costs.

    Fluctuations in electricity due to thunderstorms and blackouts can cause permanent damage to expensive and sensitive electronics, and higher energy consumption.

    “Most people use a reliable surge suppressor or an uninterruptible power supply [UPS] to protect their electronics, but many don’t understand the need to protect themselves from ‘back-door’ surges,” said Magallon.

    He said that power protection begins with combating against surges and spikes, starting with keeping the hardware itself safe from damage.

    “These are but a part of the innovative solutions that Schneider Electric is offering to the Filipinos home,” he added.


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