• Schneider rolls out software for energy


    Global energy management specialist Schneider Electric has unveiled a new software suite that will reportedly optimize output and reduce energy costs in mining, minerals and metals operations.

    Schneider Electric’s new software, called StruxureWare™, is a comprehensive suite of applications that claims to optimize production operations by as much as 20 percent, thereby reducing costs and improving sustainability.

    Ronicar Bregaudit, marketing specialist for Schneider’s Industry Business Unit, said the software suite works by integrating process control, operations management, and energy management to allow customers to gain actionable insight into their entire operation.

    “With the ability to manage and analyze data generated in real-time, customers are able to reduce operation costs and waste and increase safety, while monitoring their energy usage,” he said.

    The software also provides supply chain benefits by optimizing plans and scheduling, identifying risks and deviations, and pinpointing inefficiency, he said.

    “Mining, minerals and metals are some of the most energy-intensive industrial processes, making energy efficiency a crucial part of the operation, from both a financial and sustainability standpoint,” Bregaudit said.

    “The StruxureWare for Mining, Minerals and Metals suite is a huge step forward in how we’ve typically managed operations—making it more efficient from the resource to market,” he added.

    According to Bregaudit, the new software suite increases energy efficiency by combining energy and production data to allow operations and energy managers to work together to optimize operational demands and energy and water consumption to reduce costs.

    He said it provides visibility into enterprise and supply chain performance, and analyzes results over time to identify areas for improvement—maximizing the return on precious resources in the volatile commodity market and increasing overall sustainability.

    The integrated software improves production operations to maximize asset performance, enabling mine production managers to conserve resources from the mine to processing, and eventually to the end user.

    Completely open and scalable, the software expands as an operation grows, reducing total cost of ownership and allowing users to invest effectively in new technology for a competitive advantage.

    The “plug and play” design ensures a seamless integration of applications, and the open architecture allows StruxureWare applications to work with virtually any software, hardware, or system, the company said.


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