• Scientists fear the worst under a Trump presidency


    WASHINGTON, D.C.: From the fight against climate change to dwindling budgets for research, the US scientific community fears the worst under Donald Trump, seen by many as the most hostile to science of any American president in history.

    Trump will be “the first anti-science president we have ever had,” warned Michael Lubell, director of public affairs for the American Physical Society in Washington, in the British journal Nature.

    “The consequences are going to be very, very severe.”

    Meanwhile, the vice president-elect, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, is an ultraconservative and a creationist who has rejected Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, the foundation of modern biology.

    “There’s a fear that the scientific infrastructure in the US is going to be on its knees,” said Robin Bell, a geophysicist at Columbia University and incoming president-elect of the American Geophysical Union.

    “Everything from funding to being able to attract the global leaders we need to do basic science research.”
    A key worry is how the New York billionaire declared climate change to be “hoax” orchestrated by the Chinese, and vowed to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

    “If Trump makes good on his campaign promises and pulls out of the Paris Treaty, it is difficult to see a path forward to keeping warming below dangerous levels,” said Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center (ESSC) at Pennsylvania State University.


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    1. Since time immemorial scientists’ calculations had been filled with errors in their findings which became obsolete. Then they will rectify their errors with excuses. These scientist groups I guess are being mesmerized by the liberal media and political leftists. It will hinder the progress of mankind. Let us allow Trump his way to manage this free world for progress.

    2. Joshua Schneider on

      You have to be kidding me about the dwindling budgets left President Trump to be used for “Climate Change”. Perhaps you had your head under a pile if CO2 if you did not notice the addition of over 9 Trillion dollars of debt that the “GREEN” president loaded onto the American taxpayers debt. It will take adult presidents a few decades to undo the damage the “Smartest Man in the Room” did.

    3. CO2 in the atmosphere is well above 400ppm there is not chance for it to go down, in fact it is increasing exponentially. We have ALREADY enough CO2 to cause warming that is responsible to the accelerating disappearance of the ice cap. 2degree centigrade warming or more is already experienced in most part of the world. It is already too late. Trees, wildlife and fisheries are dyeing worldwide. You can not delay God’s final judgement, no nation or nations can stop this.
      On the sideline, the world has been fooled by main stream media and educational system run buy godless people to make us all believe in evolution. The lies are in the text book from k1 to k12, in all publications. Evolution has never been scientifically proven. Evolution wants us to believe that we came from the monkeys, monkeys of course came from lower forms of life and so on, until we come to a point that we came from a rock. But the rock comes from nothing. Stupid theory which many call scientific..

    4. The Climate Change charade is not science at all. It’s politics. It’s a backdoor attempt for communists and socialists to impose their failed ideas on Americans under the guise of some scientific speculation that climatic disaster will occur if a tiny fraction of the atmosphere (C02) increases by a miniscule amount. The Europeans have caught on to this scam when they caught UK scientist scheming to coordinate their findings and altering them to support their thesis. Americans are gullible and believe if they sacrifice their future by restraining growth and progress they will actually help in this useless quest to reduce C02 emissions. As though the Chinese and Indians are going to worry about such fantasies. If these C02 fanatics succeed you can kiss your future in the Philippines goodbye. You will not have cheap and plentiful electricity to power industry and transportation because they won’t want you to use natural gas, coal or oil. Your better off to ignore them and focus on progress and efficiency with clean use of plentiful resources and steady increases in living standards. Trump is skeptical of the Climate Change scam as he should be. Any close examination of the facts dissolves the gloom and alarm. What is needed is progress in energy use and continued growth in all economies. Wealthy countries are clean. Poor one’s cannot afford to be clean and have to do what is necessary to survive which often includes pollution. I hope the Philippines sees these doomsayers for what they are and continues to focus on growth with as much clean energy (gas fired electric generators) as you can affortd