• Scores hurt in violent rally dispersal


    SCORES were injured when policemen threw teargas and rammed into a group protesting the continued presence of American troops in the Philippines in front of the US embassy building in Manila Wednesday.

    The rallyists, who included students and members of indigenous groups, were about to leave after throwing paint at the logo of the embassy when they were violently dispersed.

    A police car rammed into the group several times. At least three persons were injured when they were run over by the vehicle.

    Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) secretary general took to social media to condemn the violent dispersal.

    “The violent dispersal at the US embassy happened as the rally ended and groups prepared to leave. There was no justification for it. Even as the president avowed an independent foreign policy, PH police forces still act as running dogs of the US,” Reyes said.

    The rallyists were protesting the presence of American troops in the country.

    At least 53 demonstrators and 10 policemen were injured in the scuffle.

    Lawmen arrested several of the protesters and hauled them to the nearest police station.

    Ephrim Cortez, the group’s lawyer, said those taken into police custody will be released but will face charges.



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    1. China funded protestors. Check the funding, internet and phone records. It is a fact this was organised by China.

      Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, New Zealand, USA are allies. China will never be. Once Duterte’s term is up whatever he does will be reversed. Chances are he will be in prison or detained in The Hague Courts,