• Scrap the entire LTO


    CONTROVERSIES involving the Land Transportation Office emerge with such frequency these days we can hardly keep up with them.

    After the agency demonstrated its inability to provide proper driver’s license cards and number plates for vehicles, and came up with rules of questionable sanity such as the “no plate, no travel” edict and imposing obnoxious fines on motorists who did not use the agency-issued “special” license plate attaching screws (which many vehicle owners found unusable), now serious questions have been raised about the propriety and proper function of its third-party liability, or TPL, insurance program.

    TPL is a common requirement in just about every place where vehicles and drivers are actually required to be registered and licensed. It is a basic form of insurance that covers parties who are injured or whose vehicles or property are damaged as a result of an accident. A vehicle owner can, of course, obtain more comprehensive insurance on his own, but at minimum must have TPL. Besides being a reasonable requirement for the sake of public safety, TPL is a benefit to vehicle owners because it is generally far less costly to pay for the insurance than to pay for the consequences of an accident out-of-pocket.

    The way it works in the normal world, the one that is not subjected to the irrationality at the Philippines’ Land Transportation Office, the insurance company of the victim of an accident, or the victim himself, files a claim for compensation with the TPL issuer of the party at fault; the TPL issuer covers the costs incurred, and addresses the matter with their customer later according to whatever terms apply to the TPL coverage (such as an increase in rates for causing an accident).

    In Congressional hearings this week on the implementation of the TPL policy by the LTO, however, it emerged that it rarely, if ever, works “normally” here. Insurance companies contracted by the LTO to provide TPL to motorists who do not otherwise have insurance are accused of not providing copies of the actual policy to customers, and obliging customers to make their own claims for coverage (i.e., pay for damages out-of-pocket, then seek reimbursement from their insurance companies), which are, not surprisingly, buried in so many rules and conditions that most are not paid, anyway.

    Enough is enough.

    The LTO, from top to bottom, has clearly demonstrated it is completely unable to manage even the simplest parts of its mandate. While the implications of some lawmakers that the TPL program might be a source of corruption should be legitimately investigated before they are even publicly discussed, it is painfully clear that the LTO is a vast waste of resources that imposes unreasonable costs in money and lost time on Filipino individuals and businesses. The government recently unveiled an ambitious “road map” to boost the company’s automotive industry, and yet continues to put basic oversight of the products of that industry in the hands of an agency of dimwits whose actions do everything possible to discourage vehicle ownership.

    Not only is the LTO a costly embarrassment, its dysfunction contributes to the perpetuation of many of the problems an agency of that sort hypothetically should eliminate, such as unlicensed and uninsured drivers and vehicles. It is not enough to try to fix LTO procedures or harangue the existing personnel of the agency into doing their jobs properly, the entire agency should be flushed and replaced.


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    1. Primer Pagunuran on

      Just one point that should absolutely be not missed being mentioned so the LTO or DOTC must know is the fact that the supposedly stickers for display at car windshields and car plates are in effect a phenomenon that I will call NON-STICKERS. As soon as the owner registers or otherwise renews his LTO registration, these stickers do not actually stick or right away actually peel off out of place.

      This is serious concern for action which necessitates again a better replacement. If not all legitimate stickers on windshields will look like tampered because then owners or drivers will have to do something about it to put it in place like add more glue or paste or what or tape.

      This should be very irregular and it only means the substandard and the low quality of the stickers having been manufactured produced at the expense of the paying public. What is the matter with the LTO chief?

    2. if the LTO should be scrapped due to corruption, the BIR, the BUREAU of customs, the DPWH, The MWSS, and even the congress for receiving pork barrel, should also be totally scrapped. If you were victimized by these people, you might even lost your whole livelihood worst than YOLANDA or LAHAR!

    3. It will be better just to get rid of this bureau altogether not only for the openly graft practices in their office but also the kapalmuks LTO agents on the road who does nothing the whole day but mulct on the motorists for made up traffic and motor vehicle violations. Bakit ba sobra sa kakapal ng mukha ng mga tiga LTO? wala na ba talagang ahente ng gobyerno na mahusay? Kailangan pa bang dumating ang panahon na ang mga tao ay ilagay ang batas sa kanilang kamay at magtumba ng mga tauhan ng LTO para lang magising sila? Sobra na tama na!!!

    4. Nilo Faelnar on

      At LTO Iligan, car owners are compelled to pay additional P200 to the lady who is in charge of releasing the OR for the renewed registration. LTO is not issuing a corresponding receipt to this additional payment. Diretso sa bulsa ng mga LTO employees ang pera. Dapat buwagin na ang LTO na ito at palitan lahat ng mga empleyadong nagka ugat na sa kurakot.

      • ditoy laoag city LTO ipilit da tay 30 pesos nga plastic jacket ti lisensya ken tay kahero nga pangas saan nga agisubli ti barya supli

    5. Look at the LTO in Iligan City, a 1st timer OFW was desperately in need of a Professional Driver’s License up to restriction code 8 inorder to comply his overseas employer’s requirement.

      From a student permit, he took a non-prof with built-in codes 1 & 2. Waited for 2 months, then upgraded to a prof license plus a 3 code which he was priced for P4,300 but managed to pay P3,500 for that license alone. Since his overseas employer requires a code 8, he applied for it to a cost of a whooping P7,000!!! How’s that? So all in all, he spent P10,500 for a plastic license since overseas employers don’t accept License Official Receipts. LTO-Iligan has been doing this a long time ago inorder to collect the quota intended for the Regional Director.

    6. joseluis hierbas on

      In every problem big and small in any dept. of the government is due to corruption. What is needed really is DISCIPLINE. All personnel should be subject to strict rules that once a complaint is filed, the personnel is temporarily suspended while in ongoing investigation so all become careful in the service of the public. In time of Pres. Marcos those with administrative charges are suspended during investigation and terminated if found at fault or guilty.

    7. Tricycle Driver on

      This is in reference to Mr. Ben Kritz’s commentary about expats: this LTO monster is another reason why expats do not wish to go back and resettle in the Philippines. Government agencies in the Philippines are corrupt, and therefore exist not to benefit the taxpayers but to rob them some more as if it’s the law to do so!

    8. nick marquina on

      maybe the answer is not scrapping the agency but rather a complete overhaul. aqs it is the agency has fallen to a quagmire of its own making. you can see fixers everywhere, the LTO is ran by incompetent and corriupt people, studies must be made, look to other countries how they operate their own agencies and may be come a system best fit us.

    9. Do you agree…Me, 101%….Ask any independent insider who had a glimpse of how LTO operates, that agency is a den of ladrons and venomous snakes.. from the top, down the line…THE QUOTA SYSTEM reportedly, like the irrepressible PDAF AND DAP, is very much alive and kicking… For those not in the know, LTO officials and their subalterns below the top are given a target amount to “raise” in their turfs and deliver to grease the palm of their godfathers above, so that when anyone inside the protective loop gets into hot water, they can depend on their guardian angels and can soundly sleep at night, once any administrative case filed against them are elevated to the level of their superiors… Dont be surprised if there are plenty of LTO personnel who do not deserve any minute in office for strings of graft cases tucked under their belts, but who have managed to cling to their “lucrative” posts, like bats, under the protective mantle of this system…..Efforts to fully computerize LTO operations have been STRONGLY resisted below… PREFERENCE TO THE OLD MANUAL SYSTEM, which is easier-to-manipulate, is stronger because computerizing the system would put an end to the lucrative practice of syndicates headed by LTO personnel themselves in “FACILITATING THE RELEASE OF YOUR DRIVER”S LICENSES, REGISTRATION, including STICKERS AND PLATES …..In many instances, MOTORISTS AND VEHICLE OWNERS WITH PREPAID STICKERS AND PLATES ARE TOLD TO WAIT SIX TO SEVEN MONTHS BECAUSE THE LTO OFFICE DO NOT HAVE THEM YET….. Worse, while your prepaid STICKER remain undelivered, be ready to pay for another set of stickers when you visit LTO to renew your one-year car registration.. . this unending vicious cycle of paying for undelivered stickers and plates is just one malady that reflects the rotten system going on inside LTO.. WHY cant these plates and stickers be issued at once upon payment,like they do in other places? Either, hitches or delays in procurement due to STANDARD administrative inefficiency, or there are ACTUALLY plenty of them in the LTO inventory, BUT but the release of your sticker or plates is deliberately withheld, unless you are ready to grease the palm of the custodians and their conniving superiors…if you are driving on the road and you are get caught committing road and traffic violation, LTO enforcers (it is sometimes difficult to distinguish fixers from real once because the former are given IDs and are made to accompany legitimate operations by their sponsors inside LTO) ARE HAPPY, because IT is yet another source of EXTRA INCOME through their “arreglo” system. … once we had a personal experience where the head of Traffic Enforcement Division had a very small door installed behind his table… to exit, you need to crouch your body to get through ..WHILE all the moromoro negotiation is happening outside for the release of confiscated licenses, the violator willing to come across is instructed to see and get his license from the Division Head… if the arreglo is consummated, the erring motorist exits from this door scot free unnoticed by the prying eyes of the public …What about the ticket issued against the traffic violator,,,no need to worry,they are conveniently consigned to the trash can ..while they pre-numbered, they are blatantly written down and declared as “missing” by Enforcement personnel…we cannot speak for what is happening at present, but during our time, there were thousands of “lost” tickets, and potential govt revenue that were not duly accounted for because of this dubious practice…..our unsolicited advise, if you need a drivers license, motor registration, plates or stickers, quickly, be sure to befriend somebody from the LTO…..

    10. It is not enough to try to fix LTO procedures or harangue the existing personnel of the agency into doing their jobs properly, the entire agency should be flushed and replaced.

      You could say that about every government agency such as the senate and house as well. Flush and replace every Aquino appointee and liberal party thief.

      • yea, I experiences thus of all from top to bottom is all LTO officials and office workers are all crocodiles. They waiting for the victims even on the national road before u enter to their Lto Office. Their so boldly that they flag u down if u not they will block the road 3 or 2 of them parang patentero sa daan. They do not shame for what they do basta may kita lng sa araw na iyon. Kaya dapat palitan na lahat ang nasa LTO itira yon mga matitino. Pag umangal sa Lto head Office ikaw pa ang papagalitan pero yong mga taong yon ay labas pasok sa kanyang opisina, sasabihin mo sir yong mga tao ninyo hinaharang ako sa daan. Gus2 nila cla ang tata-transayon para sa mga papeles para may kick-back cla bat hindi ninyo cla mapipigilan sir. Ikaw ang papagilatan imbes na ang mga tauhan ninya bakit daw aq nakipag transaksyon doon. Hay nako hindi ka nga makapalag dahil haharangin ka sa daan. Ilang taon ko ng inaangal yan hanggang sa Sumbungan ng Bayan na ang NBI ang may hawak kaso wala ding nangyari. Because every year na magrerenew ka mga kikita mo cla at saka palala ng palala ang kanilang kuropsyon. Halos doble ang ibabayad mo pero wala namang ibibigay na plaka puro resibo lng at
        babalik balikan kanila ayaw pang sabihin nasa susunod na lng na taon mo

        kunin ang bagong plaka at sticker. Kaya lahat ng kurap sa Lto tanggalin na
        Puro lng cla pahirap lng sa mga vehicle owner at lahat nga motorista. Hindi cla nakakatulong sa mga motorista cla ang mga pahirap sa mga motorista.Gusto lng nila tapalan ng tapalan ng pera ang kanilang mga mukha ng pera na galing sa publiko pero ang binayaran mong serbisyo ay wala.