Scrapping BBL may lead to war, lawmakers warn

TALKING PEACE Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Deles talks with Miriam Coronel Ferrer during the Senate hearing on the Maguindanao incident. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

TALKING PEACE Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Deles talks with Miriam Coronel Ferrer during the Senate hearing on the Maguindanao incident. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

Congress will be choosing war if it dumps the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), legislators warned on Tuesday.

Sulu Rep. Tupay Loong and Deputy Speaker Pangalian Balindong of Lanao del Sur issued the warning in light of the suspension of deliberations on the proposed Bangsamoro measure by the House Ad Hoc Committee on the BBL.

“If we can’t pass the BBL into law, the war will continue. That’s the ultimate result, and that will be an internal security threat. I cannot think of a better solution to address this other than the BBL,” Loong said during the Ugnayan sa Batasan News Forum.

He recalled that in 2008, rogue members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) launched attacks when the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain—which is supposed to create a Bangsamoro Juridical Entity—was thumbed down by the Supreme Court.

Loong called on the MILF, which has signed a peace deal with the government, to choose peace and help push the peace agreement forward by turning over its rogue members.

Congress stopped BBL deliberations after 44 police commandos were killed by MILF and fighters in Mamasapano, Maguindanao on January 25.

“The determining factor here is the situation now. It is beyond our expectation and imagination. If they are at fault, they should admit it. They should not justify it,” Loong said.

He stressed the need for a speedy investigation on the Mamasapano incident.

“If the fact finding investigation of both the House and the Senate will produce a positive result in favor of pushing the BBL forward in the soonest possible time, there is a big possibility that this peace initiative will succeed during President [Benigno] Aquino’s term. But if the investigation will be slow, we’ll run out of time,” Loong said.

Balindong, a member of the ruling Liberal Party, appealed to his fellow lawmakers to resume deliberations on the BBL measure.

“I am hearing the drumbeat of war within this August chamber because of the Mamasapano incident, even amid pending thorough investigation. There’s antipathy toward the BBL. I also felt the shock [over Mamasapano], but we should have the greater resolve to work for peace and mend fences. I call on the House to deliberate on the BBL with urgency and pass it in opportune time,” Balindong, a Muslim, said in a privilege speech on Tuesday.

“Do we stall it passage in view of Mamasapano and just wait for what eternity will bring? I know war, and I want this war to end now. I am afraid that the time will come that I will have no more tears for empathy. I am old and soon, my legs will not be able to carry me,” he added.

“Pursuing peace is a mandate not only for Muslims, but for Christians as well. Let us not equate the BBL to the Mamasapano incident. Otherwise, those who want armed struggle will have one. Let us take the chance to make peace. It is now or never,” Balindong said.

Governor Mujiv Hataman of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) also said stopping the BBL deliberations will be injurious.

“I don’t want it to be suspended because this [BBL] is the key in achieving peace. This is the fruit of the CAB [Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro]. We need to realize the CAB and its expression is the BBL. Without this, we can’t implement the CAB. It hurts us because we are the ones on the ground. We will be the one bearing the brunt of an unpleasant situation,” Hataman, who hails from Basilan, told reporters.


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  1. then i am all for it. magkaubusan na kung magkaubusan. matapos lang ang dapat matapos. the fact that they claim to be revolutionaries, then let’s give it to them. the milf and the biff have no place in society. civilized society. pinapasayaw lang nila tayo sa mga palad nila. maganda siguro, and to save bullets on both sides, man to man na lang ang labanan. matira ang matibay. and for the finalle, si pnoy at si iqbal ang mag man to man. i bet its a much better fight to watch than between pacquiao and mayweather.

    • Let it be war ,they are the most cowards people a big bluffer this MILF ,,then they will run away begging for help .it was proven before ….lintik na yan ang yayabang mukhang pera lang pinaglalaban nyan ..

  2. BBL should be junked dahil wala namang mapapala ang bansa natin dito. Ito ay pabor sa MILF. Kung sana silang lahat na Muslim brothers ay magka isa. Do you think if we make peace with MILF, it will be peaceful in the South? Papaano yung ibang grupo ng Muslims na hindi kasama sa MILF? Sa akin lang walang patunguhan itong Peace talks na ito unless lahat ng grupo ng Muslims ay kasali dito at duly represented. Sa mga government panel naman natin, I know their sincerity pero sana naman mag isip sila ng mabuti whether tama ba ang pinagagawa nila at itong ginagawa nila may benefit ba for our generations to come. Sa akin lang walang peace talks ang mangyayari kung ang ating Muslim brothers walang sensiridad sa peace talks. Please stop the blackmail attitude of waging war against the Philippine government if BBL will not signed.

    • Peace-loving Muslims should take the initiative to organize against banditry and terrorism perpetrated by their own Muslim brothers. With full support from the PH government financially and militarily, they can be contained to deter their destructive incursions and prevent new recruitment. No need for BBL. Current law is equally good to all Filipinos, Muslims and Christians alike.

  3. we are at WAR because the LAW you make is improper…do not scare us with war, we are in its midst, we are born to it

  4. The war was started with the killing of the 44 policemen. Do not blame a war on the reaction to the action that started it.

  5. Then, let there be war than be sorry later when our country’s territory started to be dismembered or cut to pieces when heads of the BBL start to declare independence. I suspect this is their main agenda.

  6. At the current state-of-affair in Mindanao, there exist a localized war, using the politically correct euphemism of ‘low intensity conflict’, because MILF had declared itself and acknowledge the fact that their group is a rebel group. A rebel group using armed resistance does not correspond to their intention of seeking peace.

    And for as long as these rebels MNLF, MILF, ASG, BIFF and such, continue to weld arms to oppose the duly recognized government armed forces of the republic, peace will not be attained. A peace negotiation should be corresponding to a surrender of all their ammunition and renouncing of armed resistance.

    If, and if the rebels do declare war on the republic and its armed forces, then it will give our soldiers and police forces an equal chance of fighting, to defend the republic from internal aggression and threat posed by these rebels – it will then be rebels’ fault and not that of the republic on the declaration of war.

    These peace advisers are nothing but poor negotiators, that do not know how to call a bluff, and create leverage to put the nation’s interest over an opposing local interest.

  7. Now Aquino’s men in Congress and in Mindanao, like Hataman, are BLACKMAILING us Filipinos by scaring us that not passing the Bangsamoro Basic Law will lead to war.
    Mga traidor sa Inang Bayan kayo kasama ni Aquino, Deles at Ferrer!
    You are echoing what the MILF leaders and their Luwaran website newspaper have been saying since Aquino became president? There will be war if the Bangsamoro substate that MILF and Malaysia like is not given to them by Aquino, the commander in chief of the Philippine military with whom they are negotiating!
    They are only taking to Aquino who to them represents the whole government–the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary. Walang silang paki kung hindi ayon sa tamang paraan ng Philippine Republic at ayon sa ating Constitution ang pinirmihan ni Ferrer na CAB at Framework Agreement. Magkakagyera talaga kung hindi ibibigay ang Bangsanmoro substate na may sariling pamamaraan na labag sa ating Constitution. So they cannot accept any Supreme Court ruling that the arrangement to be given to them is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The talks between the GPH panel and the MILF are always in secret. Pinangako sa MILF na ang gusto nila ay siyang mangyayari.
    Ferrer and Deles want the MILF apparance in the Senate hearing also to be secret, in an executive session. That’s bvecause the public would hear that Aquino’s panel has TREASONOUSLY yielded to MILF’s viewpopint!!!
    Tam sila brod and sis Senators Cayetano and Senator Marcos
    Napaka gunggong naman ninyong mga tao ni Aquino. O baka hindi gunggong kundi talagang matitinik na kalaban kayo ng Inang Bayang Filipinas.
    And dapat gawin ay alakasin ninyo ang ating militar at PNP-SAF at ang buong kapulisan. That is because if the BBL that Murad and the MILF Central Committee is not the one passed by Congress, there will surely be war!
    If you do not do that YOU ARE ALL TRAITORS!

  8. War is better. These are criminals. There will be no peace, never had peace for decades. Scrap the BBL…One Country, One Law.

  9. If we want peace we might have no choice but prepare for all-out war.

    Why, the MILF is insincere. We have had several peace talks with them and what did they do? They prepared for war. This was obvious when cam Abubakar was exposed during the time of Erap. If we ask our police and military forces if they trusted the MILF, they responded in the negative.

    Noynoy Aquino is just concerned with his Nobel Peace Prize and it resulted in the deaths of 44 of our best men in uniform. Are we that dense? Are we that naive? Are we that stupid?

    Not everyone voted for Noynoy Aquino. Not everyone live on fantasy island.

  10. The price of Peace is not an easy one to attain. America has to pay with a civil war no wanted to happen. Yet it settled for peace interally. Let me quote a wise guiding thought:”Success comes to those who dare and ACT and seldom goes to the timid who are ever afraid of the consequences” AND as a corollary what a Latin proverb counsels “Fortune favors the BRAVE”. IT seems at this point in our history ,we have to pay the price.

  11. So what!!bina -blackmail ba ninyo ang mga tao!! Ito ang isisigaw ng galit at mga taong ayaw magtiwala sa mga Muslim!
    Sana mag-pause muna ang lahat kahit sandali man lamang!
    Alam ninyo nabuhay kami na kasama ang mga Muslim at payapa at maayos buhay na tinatamasa namin dito!
    Naniniwala ako na lahat ng tao ay gusto ng mapayapa at tahimik na buhay ano man ang religion niya!
    Dahil sa iilang tao mga ganid at mahilig sa kapangyarihan ang sumira ng pagtitiwala ng bawat isa!
    laging tandaan iilan lang ang mga taong ganito at yan sana ay sama-sama na alis upang ang kapayapaan ay matamo!
    Walang taong hindi naghangad ng mabuti sa sarili nila!
    Sana ang MILF ay matuto na matulad sa Saudi kahit kapwa nila kapagnilabag ipinapataw ang tama hustisya, mawala sa na ang kadugo o ka religion kapag ang batas na tama ang ipa-iiral,upang ang tiwala at takot sa iba ay mawala!
    Sana matoto lahat!
    Kapayapaan lang ang pinaka mabuting daan!
    Pag-isipan ng mabuti !!bigyan ng hustisya ang mga nasaktan!
    Sana puso at hindi ang takot ang pa-iralin!

  12. BBL or without BBL, war will still be fought . Many instances , showed inconsistent and insincerity. Can we still trust them. Me personal my answer I DONT TRUST THEM

  13. Mr. Balindong spoken like a true supporter of axis of evil. War has been going on where have you been? Preaching peace and rushing the BBL is not going to bring back the dead but you disrespecting bring out your true color! If people mourn for years to come, so be it! You are not just a low life feeding off peoples miseries. You want the BBL pass so you can start building your ill-gotten millions legally. Death has always been in Mindanao – name a day where there’s no killing? Segregation against muslim & christian has always been the case. Even in the U.S., black, white, yellow, brown and green that discrimination still exist. You are afraid of war when you are in that business. Threatening and scaring christian is the passage to win their peace but a piece of it is your way to your fat & deep pocket. What a shame? Ano daw war?

  14. yang mga kongresman na yan, yan yung mga utak at kultura ng korap dito sa mindanao. maniwala kayo. peace kuno, eh yung pananalita at pressure na ginagawa nyong pananakot eh katumbas na rin sa terorismo sa kongreso. ugok!

  15. war? really? ang sabihin nyo para sa interest din ninyo. we’ve been here in mindanao for 40 years and your war only affected the people you oppressed and can be oppressed, the very community you have. how you played with law and be so corrupt. what peace really? we are peaceful in every way, ginagawa nyong ignorante taga luzon at visayas. akala tuloy animo war zone ang mindanao, sa totoo lang yung pagka ignorante ninyo at uneducated yun ang nagtutulak sa kahirapan ng karamihan dito sa mindanao, yung katribo nyo mismo, mga kongresman pa naman kayo, alam namin kalakaran nyo manong. yung constituent nyo kandahirap samantalang kayo luxurious cars tig-isang dosena. kultura nyo basura, gusto maging tongresman, mayor, at directors. u know war ah, kasi kayo yung unang tumatakbo pag mey gyera.