• SC’s DAP decision: Balm for a wounded nation which Aquino gravely endangers


    NOT everything that happens in the Philippines and to our lives has to do with the Mamasapano massacre.

    And not all developments are negative, signaling rough times ahead.

    As if to soothe nerves and cool tempers in our grieving and wounded nation, the Supreme Court of the land, just nine days after the tragic events in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, decided to hand down its final and long-awaited decision on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) of the Aquino administration.

    The court was emphatic in affirming its original decision in July 2014, and in denying the motion for recondsideration filed by the Office of the President.

    But it gave our beleaguered chief executive one noteworthy consolation. It allows him to rachet up government spending, in order to sustain growth of the economy at a high level.

    This, plus the nearness of the end of his presidential term, might be enough to keep his presidency from dissolving in chaos and public indignation.

    Still, the truth must be told about Aquino’s role in Wolverine
    Nevertheless, the truth about the matter of the President’s involvement as the person who commanded the operation to get Marwan and Usman—and ordered reinforcement troops to stand down—must be told.

    The Times on Friday Feb. 6 ran the banner story “PNoy ordered AFP, SAF to stand down.” It narrates our source’s testimony that the President had replied “Negative, Negative” to the rescue force commander’s information-query: “Papasok na kami, Sir.”

    The only reply his spokesmen gave to our question about this was “It is best to wait for the results of the inquiry.” Why wait for the inquiry when the President can either affirm or deny that such a thing really happened?

    Another issue is whether it is true that the operation that caused the death of 44 of our best young commandos was really a US government operation? The authorities–the Palace, PNP and AFP–have been telling us that the PNP-SAF’s mission was “to serve warrants of arrest” on Marwan and Usman. But whose warrants of arrest? Our information is that our PNP-SAF commandos were there just to escort the Americans operatives who were actually the ones tasked to serve the US government’s (not the Philippine government’s) warrants of arrest on the two “high-value targets.”

    Still other questions, among scores of other important ones, are these:

    Did the President’s OPAPP (Peace Process) officials contact their Moro Islamic Liberation Front counterparts to request (beg?) them to stop the slaughter of our PNP-SAF commandos by about a thousand MILF/BIFF fighters? And did the MILF leadership refuse the appeals of President Aquino’s peace negotiators?

    And why, despite the MILF leadership’s refusal to give our 44 PNP-SAF men a break, does Mr. Aquino still obsequiously defer to the MILF as “his friends” and continue to proclaim passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law as if without it our Republic is doomed?

    The truth is doom for our Republic is likely to come with the creation of the Bangsamoro substate envisioned by the unconstitutional and treasonous Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro. For the secession from our Republic of that large chunk of Mindanao that will become the MILF controlled Bansamoro region becomes more feasible than ever.

    Yes, we must thank God Almighty for still giving us Filipinos a Supreme Court that seeks to put a stop to the abuses of this PCOS-machine created president.

    But we must reiterate what we said in this space on Monday—Aquino as president gravely endangers our nation.

    So, let us pray that the Supreme Court ruling on DAP makes Aquino and his close associate Budget Secretary Abad give orders and sign documents to release funds for job-creating projects that will reduce unemployment and poverty.

    But we must continue to pray also that God moves him—to RESIGN NOW.


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    1. chester m. lastica on

      Cast out the negative of the past and live the present moment. If I were the President, this is what am going to say to address to attain our most needed peace in Mindanao: “We are one Filipino nation and cannot be divided by our personal spirituality. If you are against the Filipino constitution it is tantamount to your giving-up your citizenship and be counted as an invader if force and violence is your purpose to your end.”

    2. saan ba sya cila kumukuha ng kakapalan ng mukha imagine mnlf b4 facilitate by malaysia now milf facilita by malaysia baka susunod na dya mindanao ocupy by malaysia as their annex state ah natutulogang ating mga afp at pnp magigising tayo isang umaga wala ng mindanao sa pilipinas wake mga kaatid un ating mga tongressman at senatong bago kayo mahuli natutulog sa pansitan gumisiing kayo un presidente nyo lahat ginagawang laruan un seige sa zamboanga at iton saf 44 maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw ang kangyang isipan ay may tama kay gumising kayo

    3. The 44 massacre is really straightforward. Police were after a criminal. Criminal private armies came to protect him but were too late. They attacked the police and surrounded them. Someone told the remaining police force of 300 not to rescue the trapped police. Someone told the AFP not to rescue the police. 44 dead police resulted.
      We know this:
      1. Armed groups attacked the police, who were doing their jobs. We need justice brought to these criminals.
      2. Someone ordered the remaining police not to rescue the trapped police. Who did it and why? Justice is needed for this.
      3. Someone ordered the AFP not to rescue the trapped police. Who did it and why? Justice is needed for this.
      4. The killing of the 44 has nothing to do with a “peace” process. What it is about is that the MILF was harboring a fugitive and attacked our police. Do we trust them any longer? This is easy to answer. No.

    4. Great column, Manila Times. It begins by giving the good news that we Filipinos must never lose track of even in these cold and dark times of despair under a crazy administration. But it continues to rmind readers what the most important issue they must face is.

      May God and the angels be with you in restoring our democracy and Republika ng Pilipinas to its imperfect but sustainable path to excellence, reforms and overthrow of the elite political and economic lords.

    5. They will not resign. The people should kick these a**hole out, and that is including both houses of Congress for being a co-conspirator to B.S. Abnoy’s abuses.