SC’s Leonen questions ‘leakages’ to the ‘Times’


The most junior magistrate of the  Supreme Court (SC) has questioned his colleagues and raised before the en banc the issue of “leakages” to The Manila Times.

According to a well-placed source in the High Court, Leonen, in one of their recent en banc sessions, wondered how the leakages were able to find their way to the media, particularly this paper.

The Manila Times was able to break stories on the SC declaring unconstitutional both the Disbursement Acceleration Program and the Priority Development Assistance Fund given to lawmakers and former president Joseph Estrada qualified to run for mayor of Manila and granting bail to Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile.

It was Leonen, however, who was first accused of “leaking” his dissenting opinion on internal deliberations of the court in the bail petition of Enrile over which he was lambasted by Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin.

When he raised the issue of “leakages” often obtained by this paper, he was blocked by Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio by lecturing him that there were leakages even before they were appointed as SC justices,” even when mobile phones were not yet around.”

“I can’t understand how [the]leak¬ages always went to Jomar Canlas of The Manila Times,” the source quoted Leonen as saying.

Canlas is a senior reporter of this paper.

Leonen was charged by Bersamin with divulging in his dissenting opinion confidential deliberations of the SC justices on the controversial Torre de Manila case and for accusing seven other justices who signed the final ponencia of Bersamin on the case of doing so without reading it.

He “thereby accused me of misleading my colleagues in the majority by passing around for their signatures during oral arguments on the Torre de Manila case a version of my ponencia different from what had been voted on. My second impression was that Justice Leonen was blaming my colleagues in the majority for affixing their signatures on the final version of the ponencia despite not having known the contents.”

Bersamin accused Leonen of violating Section 2, Rule 10 of the Internal Rules of Court, on confidential deliberations of SC justices.


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  1. Rodan Guerrero on

    Leonen is a rouge SC Justice appointed by Aquino. He must be a KKK since his credentials are questionable. He was Aquino`s BBL top man, giving suspitions he is the leaker of all SC undertakings to Aquino.

  2. Leonen even he was not qualified to be associate justice of the supreme court Pnoy insisted and muscled him to be one, even without qualification of a supreme court justices, Leonen is qualified to be a Notary Public lawyer,he is unknown in big time circle of lawyers around the country same as sc chief justice nazareno who?, he was sipsip to administration the same thing with Pnoy who is unexperience president who won only by symphaty votes because of his dead mother,now what happened to out country? mismanaged, with full of corruptions from head to toes,from all government agencies and its cabinets and stupid rumor mongering politicians.This is how important is the next 2016 presidential election.Calling all voters ( gamitin niyo utak sa pagboto,ibulsa ang pera,iboto ang ibang matinong kandidato!)

    • bale wala ang boto even you use the best critical thinking brain choosing the best kapag smartmatic pa rin ang boboto para sa atin.