Scuffles erupt among Cleveland protesters


CLEVELAND, Ohio: Scuffles broke out between opposing protesters in Cleveland Tuesday on the second day of the Republican National Convention. A planned demonstration against police shootings of African-Americans devolved into mayhem, with punches thrown and shouting matches. Approximately 100 police officers separated the dueling groups and maintained a strict cordon, quickly defusing tensions between rival protesters—who also numbered around 100. There were no immediate arrests, according to Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, who was at the scene. With calm restored, some of the protesters marched through one of downtown’s busy thoroughfares, with police and media in tow. They carried a large banner with faces of African-Americans under the title “Stop Murder by Police.” Joining the march mid-way was actor William Baldwin, who said fully supported the work of police, but also shared the mounting concerns about fatal shootings of black Americans.



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