SEA Games stint worst ever


(By Emil C. Noguera, Headline, December 23, 2013)
You forgot that the Philippines was ahead of South Korea over 40 years ago. Now, the Philippines is eating the dust of the South Koreans in all facets. There are politicians like Aquino who is paying debts back to the Lopez Family that supported them against Marcos. Now, the inept son is paying them by allowing the excessive price increase in electric charges. In this country, without strong support, English Language and Athletics have taken a beating. The Philippines is deluding themselves when they say they have lots of English Speaking People. Many Filipino Merchant Mariners are losing to Indian Merchant Mariners due to the lack of English Language Facility. It becomes worse that cartoons use to be left in English are now translated into Tagalog.
SC Kang,

It is not the fault of our athletes, It is the lack or absence of government support and vision of sports officials who are tasked to promote Philippine sports.
Thinking Pinoy,

During my High School, the school was the main source of high caliber athletes that made it to the national scene because the athletic program was run in no-nonsense fashion by reservation officials that drew support from the US Department of the Navy. From provincial meet to the Central Luzon Athletic Association to the National Olympic Committee, we had athletic notables in baseball, softball, volleyball, and track and field that went on to represent the country in SEA regional meets and also played in the industry league for a living: Tierro, Leyva, Soberon, etc were among the select who made it to the top. What is wrong with PH lackluster performances is the politicalization of sporting bodies and the whole Olympic set-up and leadership. It is totally unacceptable that a country of 100 million cannot develop world class athletes even as youth development is part and parcel of Youth and Sports Development from grade school through the mandatory secondary education. Farming of athletes in any sports even can really start from grade school like gymnastics, tennis, swimming, etc., but the government must invest in such a program and avail of the best minds and known practitioners/trainors of the sport to get a stage-by-stage program going. Politicalization of sporting bodies have done much damage to PH sporting prowess. Time is ripe for a major overhaul and change.
Andy R Samson,

The Philippines has the best little brown fu….. machines in the world. They have the most winning record among all Asian countries in the world international beauty pageants. One of most corrupt politicians and citizens among all countries in the world likewise. One of the most undisciplined drivers in the world too. Philippines holds the record for the killing of journalist. The list goes on and on. What a country.
Susan Masias,

I think we better stop sending these athletes to the sea games and stop wasting government money without the goal of improving any sports category from the sports commission of phils, better focus on the sports were we have a chance to excel like pro boxing, badminton and football.


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