• Seaoil taps STP to enhance fuel quality


    Seaoil Philippines Inc., one of the major independent oil companies in the Philippines, has sealed a partnership with a US-based company, Armored Auto Group, for a new product that will enhance the quality of fuel that it sells.

    In a product launch held at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay City on Thursday, Seaoil Philippines announced that it has partnered with Armored group, for the STP brand, the leading US brand for automotive performance products.

    With this offering, Seaoil will be considered the first gasoline company in Asia to introduce fuels enhanced with US performance additives.

    “Seaoil has partnered with a world-trusted brand, STP, which is also the number one brand of additives in the USA, to offer fuel products enhanced by STP additives. This significantly differentiates Seaoil from the rest of the market,” Francis Glenn Yu, Seaoil president and chief executive officer, said during the product launch.

    Additives are a blend of powerful chemicals that improves the performance and quality of fuel. The primary roles of fuel additives are enhancing engine performance and improving engine maintenance.

    According to Yu, the company hopes that the new product offering, which is considered the largest promotion campaign of Seaoil, can help the company boost its market share in the country.

    “We hope this partnership will help us reach our target of raising our market share from its current 4 percent to 10 percent over the next three years,” Yu said, adding that there will be no changes in the pump prices of Seaoil products.

    Starting this month, the company’s fuel brands will contain STP additives.

    “Through this partnership with STP, Seaoil is confident that customers will be encouraged to try fueling up at Seaoil stations and experience the difference in the quality of its fuel,” Yu said.

    Aside from enhanced fuels, Seaoil is set to complete a nationwide station upgrading this year that will feature new LED lighting, signage and priceboard designs, and canopy improvements.

    The company currently has a network of 340 stations and is set to open 30 more before the yearend.

    Madelaine B. Miraflor


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