Search for Binay running mate continues


THE United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) will choose Vice President Jejomar Binay’s running mate in 2016 from the five candidates who made it in the party’s shortlist.

UNA interim secretary general JV Bautista said the party is not looking at the winnability of Binay’s would-be running mate but his or her capacity to help the vice president.

However, Bautista said Binay would prefer “someone who’s quite good with economic issues.”

He said party officials are talking with five personalities and one of them is a woman.

“VP Binay’s running mate must stand with his principles: pro-poor, one who can help modernize our country and someone who can stand for competent leadership, among others,” Bautista told reporters.

“Binay is a heartbeat away from the presidency. If Binay represents competence, his running mate must also have the same qualifications,” the UNA official added.

Bautista however refused to reveal the names of the five or their current posts in government, saying these would be disclosed in due time.

“You won’t be surprised because these names have been exposed to national politics lately,” he added.

“The opposition is always disadvantaged during this period because we don’t have the logistics and all, however, we are looking for someone who is also close to the people and will accept our party principles,” Bautista added.


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  1. Pusong Mamon on

    Puros ‘minamatahan’ o kasama sa pinag-iisipan. Pero hindi naman inaalok ni Binay, baka mapahiya siya dahil malamang tanggihan.