Season 6 finally leaves the books behind

Karen Kunawicz

Karen Kunawicz

For the last nine months and half, fans have been waiting for the start of the sixth and newest season of Game of Thrones. That was quite a cliffhanger they left us with: Is Jon Snow really dead?


Not to mention, will Sansa Stark be able to escape her former home Winterfell, now at the hands Roose Bolton and his sadistic spawn, Ramsay Bolton?

As expected, the first episode of the season, “The Red Woman,” was fast paced, dramatic and exciting. You get to see some (but not all) of your favorites. We find out what happens next to Daenerys—but sadly, we don’t get many leads with regards to the fate of Snow. Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) is expected to make a comeback but alas, not just now.

The Red Woman

The Red Woman

Moments of heroism, defiance, and resignation are found in this opening episode. And yes, the show runners have got that magic touch of leaving you wanting more right away. Which is why many people would rather just consume a whole season in one sitting than wait a whole week for the episodes.

Also, there are big deviations from the book already—it’s not Sansa who was at Winterfell but her childhood friend Jeyne Poole. Also, in the books, Stannis Baratheon is still alive and grimly trying to advance to Winterfell.

There is no longer any A Song of Ice and Fire book to go on anymore as the series has caught up with the books. There is no official word on when the next book The Winds of Winter will be released, and who knows when the last book, A Dream of Spring (if that is really the title), will get rolling? It’s been five years since A Dance with Dragons has been released.



It should be an exciting season, with book readers not having anything to go on anymore. Fasten your seatbelts fans—we’re going on a 10-week ride.

I wonder what will get resolved first, this season or the upcoming elections?

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Game of Thrones airs at 9 a.m. Monday mornings on HBO, with replays at night. Captain America: Civil War opens today on the IMAX, 3D and regular formats.


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