Sec. Kiko must replace all NIA officials


If Sec. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan really wants the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) to perform under his leadership and clean it from corruption, he must relieve all its officials from the administrator down to the regional directors.

Observers claim most of NIA’s top officials have already set their minds in making oodles and oodles of money rather than working to improve the sorry state of our irrigation system in the countryside.

Though the top ranking NIA official was forcibly retired by the President last year due to incompetence, another inutile administrator was appointed as his replacement.

The former senator will make a mistake if he is planning to appoint a new administrator from those with deputy administrator ranks. He might just have to get an outsider. Most of these officials have amassed wealth through kickbacks, commissions, or “tongpats” from NIA projects.

One fine example is a deputy administrator who owns an airplane. Another one was able to build a hospital from his own pocket.

The third one, who heads the agency’s finance department, is reportedly the richest.

Aside from having a palatial house in the province, a mansion in Quezon City, an expensive luxury car, and diamond jewelry, she allegedly can afford to lose a million a night in the casino.

This lady official is said to frequent Pavilion Casino in Manila and Fiesta Casino in Antipolo with her eldest son, who by the way is long wanted by loan sharks for hir huge debts.

It behooves Sec. Pangilinan to fire this lady official at once as she might use the agency’s funds to finance her gambling addiction.

There’s only a handful of honest people left at NIA whom Pangilinan can really trust.

New syndicate rakes in millions in fake “Saro” again
Governors and mayors, beware!

A newly formed syndicate is out to victimize local chief executives, luring them with over a billion pesos of funds for infrastructure projects in their respective areas.

The group headed by a “Norma Yup” and “Mafa Goyena” claim the fund came from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) upon the instruction of President Aquino to raise money for the election campaign of Sec. Mar Roxas for the 2016 Presidential Election.

Of course, the said campaign fund raising is bogus, and so is the billion peso fund for infrastructure.

However, we still have some ignoramus mayors and governors these days who can easily be fooled by syndicates. The result? They end up paying millions as advance or goodwill to the syndicate.

Yup and Goyena, together with two other men who introduce themselves as being from DBM and OP, even issue a piece of document, that looks like a SARO, to show proof that their request was granted by Malacañang.

However, instead of SARO, they call the document Development Management System (DMS), claiming it replaces the old SARO.

Paging Sec. Butch Abad!!!


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  1. If it is proven true then the officials have to be charged, imprisoned and confiscate all their properties including children.
    No wonder our country is one of the most corrupt country in the world. It started with corrupt businessmen who has corrupted officials.
    I can now state that only the OFW are earning ethically for the country.
    Mr. Tulfo, please continue to expose all wrongdoings and incompetence of our government officials. It is clear that our issue is not China but corrupt officials in government and businesses who does not have, observe and implement proper ethics.