• Second-generation Innova unveiled


    new-D1---Toyota-Innova-Main20160301All-new model complete Toyota’s upgraded IMV lineup

    Toyota Motors Philippines Corporation (TMP) has completed the introduction of its new lineup of Innovative Multi-purpose Vehicles (IMV) with the launch last week of the all-new Toyota Innova. The all-new Innova was unveiled Friday evening at the Bellevue Resort in Panglao Island, Bohol, with newly appointed TMP president Satoru Suzuki leading the event.

    First introduced in the Philippines in 2005, the IMV series is the globally renowned platform for Toyota’s best-selling vehicles in key segments of the automotive industry that includes the Hilux and the Fortuner. The all-new Hilux was introduced the middle part of last year, which was then followed by the unveiling of the all-new Fortuner last January.

    The launch of the all-new Innova completes the upgraded line-up that marks a new era in innovation for the whole series.

    True to their names, each vehicle in the IMV series is armed with various features that cater to the different needs of customers – the Hilux (‘High-Luxury’) for rugged environments, the Fortuner (‘Fortunate’) for urban and outdoor terrains, and the Innova (‘Innovative’) for more than just everyday city driving. With each unit setting itself apart from the other, the IMV’s integrated design language translates to overall utility with the same reliability that Toyota is well known for.

    Toyota’s new generation model brings a new dimension of innovation to the Filipino’s much-loved multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). Moreover, in developing its design concept, Executive Chief Engineer Hiroki Nakajima shared that the vision for the All-New Innova is to be “The MPV designed for Multi-Performance.” It combines the essence of an MPV with tough and emotional elements that make it highly functional. In fact, the all-new Innova’s exterior has been carefully designed with sophisticated elements such as a stylish sculpted body, new front grille design, subtle aerodynamic effects, and more emotional colors that enhance its luxurious image.

    “I am confident that this groundbreaking image will satisfy customers who are looking for something special in addition to the Innova’s much-loved heritage,” Nakajima explained. The all-new Innova also intends to replace the conventional image of the MPV with this more luxurious upgrade.

    To cater to ever-changing needs and desires of Innova customers and to the vision of Nakajima, the all-new variants have various features and upgrades that allow it to perform in multiple fields and situations. The new exterior design aims to capture a tough and sophisticated persona by adding a luxurious and strong presence.

    Posing beside the all-new Toyota Innova are (from left) Toyota SVP for marketing Jose Ariel Arias, Toyota president Satoru Suzuki,  executive chief engineer-Toyota IMV lineup Hiroki Nakajima and Toyota executive vice president for marketing Yohei Murase.

    Posing beside the all-new Toyota Innova are (from left) Toyota SVP for marketing Jose Ariel Arias, Toyota president Satoru Suzuki,  executive chief engineer-Toyota IMV lineup Hiroki Nakajima and Toyota executive vice president for marketing Yohei Murase.

    With a solid stance
    The all-new Innova’s stable and solid stance, aero stabilizing angles, LED headlamps with daytime running lights, 16-inch alloy wheels, shark fin antenna, and rear spoiler add even more to its premium charisma. Moreover, its interior is as impressive as its exterior. The top-grade variants are also equipped with comfortable second row captain’s seats, stylish silver and wood grain patterns, high-definition multi-information display, capacity touch screen audio with navigation, built-in cooler box, seat back tables, adjustable mood lights, and smart push start with keyless entry. Furthermore, other variants are equipped with one-touch tumble second row seats and easy space-up third row seats for added versatility and convenience.

    The all-new Innova has also been upgraded to a 2.8-liter (with VNT) diesel engine and 2.0-liter Dual VVT-I gas engine with a new six-speed automatic transmission (with sequential shifter) and an enhanced five-speed manual transmission gearbox. These major changes allow the vehicle to exert higher power and torque output leading to exceptional fuel efficiency and overall enhanced performance.

    Similar to its IMV counterparts, the all-new Innova keeps passenger safety as top priority. Besides the standard front and driver knee airbags, the new generation model has additional safety features such side and curtain airbags, anti-lock brake system with EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution) and vehicle stability control.

    As the all-new Innova shifts to a more authoritative and luxurious form, the Filipino’s much loved MPV will surely inspire more confidence on the road while still keeping its deeply rooted heritage.

    Customers have two all-new colors to choose from for this new generation model: Alumina Jade Metallic; and Blackish Red Mica Metallic. Aside from these, the other standard options are still available such as the Freedom White, Silver Metallic (Thermalyte), Black, Blue Mica Metallic, and White Pearl.

    The all-new Innova comes in 14 variants with a price tag ranging from P919,000 to P1.460 million.


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    1. For a price tag of 1.4M, as a buyer for having that price budget, one would be very wise to think twice buying innova or MUX, everest, or even fortuner. Its bigger than innova for the same price tag.

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      A pity this newspaper continues to present advertising as editorial. It is very unprofessional and sloppy journalism.