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    1. Franck Frego on

      He is not impressed….. look his hands and his attitude

      He wants Marcos in

      • Daniel B. Laurente on

        Tigilan nyo yan intriga. Nagsabi nanga na susupiorta sa sya sa admin ni Digon. Kayo talaga. Ang hilig nyo mag intriga.

    2. This is what I believe that President Rody is really serious in his promise for UNITY

    3. Leni is using her charm and ” paawa” effect and and President Duterte should stand firm of his position to stand firm of his political policy and personal principle, and Duterte should remember that Robredo called him ” evil ” when in fact she is the evil( who is easily influenced for her self-interest . She has used foreigners campaign donation from Nicholas-Lewis when she ran for Congress and believed there is still a pending lawsuit filed by the Villafuertes to that effect.