Second term for PNoy? No freaking way!


Talks of extending the term of President Aquino erupted as his allies hinted on Wednesday that Pnoy is now open to the idea “if his bosses want it.”

Interior Secretary Mar Roxas was the first to suggest extending the term of the President, claiming that he has done a good job and Pnoy could still do more for the country.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Malacanang spokesman and Secretary Edwin Lacierda told reporters that the President is open to the suggestion but quickly said he will abide but only if the people, his “bosses” want him to stay in office past 2016.

Extending the term of the President from its 6 years without reelection would mean tinkering with the Constitution, which has been the subject of conversation in Congress and in the Senate but only the Charter’s economic provisions on the table.

But militant groups doubt that only the economic section of the 1987 Constitution will be amended. They feel that the real agenda is to extend the term of the President, particularly that of Pnoy.

Why the heck do we have to extend the term of this President? Has he done anything monumental for this country that he deserves to stay in office?


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Ppa ineptness causing port congestion worldwide

Whoever heads the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) should be fired immediately. The agency is now being blamed for port congestion not only at the South Harbor but at different ports around the globe as well.

Aduana Business Club president Mary Zapanta told Radyo 5 that empty containers are now allowed by PPA officials to be stored inside the South Harbor and the Manila Container International Port (MICP) rather than outside these ports or in other areas.

With thousands of empty containers filling up the international ports, loaded containers from incoming ships, therefore, can’t be unloaded as South Harbor and MICP are already congested, Zapanta said.

She added that “the congestion of our ports have triggered a domino effect in other ports such as [those]in Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, etc. because the containers bound for the Philippines are stuck in their respective ports since shipping lines do not want to bring them here because of our port congestion.”

As of Wednesday morning, there were 16 container ships anchored at Manila Bay awaiting orders for weeks now from the harbor master when they could come in to unload their cargos.

But a Bureau of Customs (BOC) official who asked not to be identified said those vessels at Manila Bay may have to wait for another month or two as the PPA has not lifted a finger to this day to solve the congestion problem.

He added that PPA Administrator Juan Santa Ana has neither discussed or met with them or the players at the port to address the current problem nor indicated any plan of action with the BOC top officials.

My BOC source said the congestion is also taking its toll on their daily collections since only a handful of containers are being unloaded and processed now instead of the hundreds they process everyday before this problem started.

Efforts to reach Santa Ana, a lawyer, to get his side of the story proved futile since the PPA chief refused to pick up our call or answer our text messages.

If Atty. Santa Ana can’t fix the problem in the ports now, there is no reason for him to stay a day more in his job. The man is inutile!


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  1. TULFO Brothers, how come you can’t confront NAPOLES?. Is it because she has plenty of ill gotten wealth?. The public were expecting the Tuflo brothers to lead the exposures of NAPOLES scam and the other 3 termites (Tanda,POGI and Sexy). Don’t focus your attention on those small crooks like sampaguita boys and others. Go for the big ones.

  2. Like a good soldier you have to complete your mission,need six more years majority of your boss support you sir President Aquino.Tulfo dont forget to visit your boss J Napoles at bagong diwa.

  3. We have to read it between the lines, as the proposed second term for penoy, logically it will be roxas as the same vp candidate. with brillantes at the helm of comelec and the enigma machine pcos at hand, it will be a landslide for the lp team. Afterwards, the real scenario will unfold, roxas will takeover form penoy due to poor health (COPD) and become president. This will assure penoy of non prosecution from past sins and ensure another term for roxas after taking over the unexpended term of penoy. So in all, we might have roxas as president for almost 12years. How brilliant si mar roxas, it is not for penoy but for himself since he is pretty sure binay will defeat him in any election, hands down.