• Second term a real possibility


    WE must continue to be vigilant and be ready to work against any moves to allow President Benigno Aquino 3rd to have a second term as president.

    Section 4, Article VII of our Constitution limits the President to a single six-year term.  The Constitution was drafted and approved under the authority of President Aquino’s mother, the late President Corazon Aquino. She rejected attempts to give her more years as president.

    It seems that Mr. Aquino and his men are really pursuing the possibility of extending his rule.  This is apparent from the way the President keeps repeating the line that “he cannot ignore the will of his Bosses.”

    The reasons he and his key allies in the Liberal Party and his closest associates in the Cabinet are bent on getting him to continue as president are, in a manner of speaking, a matter of life and death for them.

    Politically, the Liberal Party is dead. This is because the people responsible for the gigantic instances of corruption and illegal and unconstitutional acts are among the LPs highest leaders, including President Aquino himself and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad. In addition, the biggest recipients  of hundreds of millions and even billions of the illegal funds of the Disbursement Acceleration Program are the pet projects of Liberal Party top officers, again notably Secretary Abad.

    Morally and legally, President Aquino, Secretary Abad and several of the Cabinet members will surely be charged–when Mr. Aquino ceases to be president–with having  committed corrupt acts, violations of the Constitution and various laws of the land.  For sure, if the next president were a member of the opposition party, he or she would have to do his or her duty and file cases against President Aquino, Secretary Abad et al.

    In fact, even if the next president were a Liberal Party man, including DILG Secretary Mar Roxas or even Senate President Drilon, just for example, he cannot be guaranteed to ignore the clamor of the people to prosecute Mr. Aquino, Mr. Abad and whoever else were more actively guilty of corrupt acts and criminal negligence during their years in the Palace.

    That will surely be the case. It happened to the corrupt rulers and power holders in other countries, like South Korea and Indonesia, to name two whose political histories are more familiar to more Filipinos than other countries.

    Therefore, it becomes really imperative for President Aquino, Secretary Abad and their closest collaborators, that Mr. Aquino should succeed himself for a second term or even for life.

    The Constitution has to be amended to make that possible. And right now some congressmen–despite Speaker Feliciano Belmonte’s announcements that he and the House leaders would only entertain proposed Charter amendments to make our country more attractive to foreign direct investors–are moving to repeal the Constitution’s term limits on the president and on legislators.

    In the recent Senate hearing about the proposed 2015 budget, when the budget for the Office of the President was being discussed, Senator Francis Escudero asked Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa about the possibility of the President running for second term or extending his term.  Secretary Ochoa replied by repeating Mr. Aquino’s often-heard words that he would “listen to his Bosses.”

    Senator Escudero then asked: “How do we find out what his Bosses want? I mean, short of holding a referendum?”

    Ochoa did not reply.  Later, when reporters pressed him about Senator Escudero’s question, Mr. Ochoa said it was something that had not been discussed in detail. But he was sure “the President ha[d]something in his mind that he c[ould]clarify when he comes back from his trip abroad.”

    Former senator Joker Arroyo’s warning
    We wish to repeat the warning former senator Joker P. Arroyo, one of our country’s most honest public figures, sent us early this month.
    “The numbers game will be a repeat of the Corona impeachment trial. That trial started with the eight Articles of Impeachment from the House and was cut down to three Articles in the end.

    “It was a long drawn-out continuous trial, 4-1/2 months, not because the presentation of evidence on both sides was necessary but because the Senate leadership had to drag it out until they were sure they had mustered the 16 votes, necessary to satisfy the 2/3 vote.

    “Once the 16 votes were achieved, the trial was speeded-up and concluded. Final score 20-3. Watch out.”


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    1. Tama! Dapat maging alisto tayong ang anumang balak ni Noynoy na pag-eextend ng term. At, tama ulit, nautusan na naman yang si Noynoy ng mga boss (kapartido) niya dahil tiyak kulong sila pag hindi na siya ang pangulo. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

    2. BS Aquino and his KKK cronies must be trembling at the thought that they will surely be prosecuted and jailed for corruption and abuse of power if an opposition candidate becomes President in 2016. So they are now plotting on how to amend the Constitution without triggering a People Power Revolution that will cut short their good times pigging out on PDAF, DAP, Malampaya funds and the unaudited P1 Trillion Presidential Pork.

      Two weeks ago, BS Aquino swore that there won’t be a second term for him. But since Mar Roxas has no chance at all at winning the Presidency, the “Bosses”, in reality just the cronies and advisers of Aquino, are now considering fielding BS again as their candidate and make him win through hocus-pocus PCOS.

      Filipinos should stay vigilant and reject the machinations of Belmonte that CHA CHA will be limited to economic amendments. Just say no to the LP’s tinkering of the Constitution. Stop the rape of our Constitution by BS Aquino and his gang of thieves.

    3. Filipinos need to watch out and listen to the advise of former Sen. Joker Arroyo , whom this President and his allies tried to include (implicate) him along with Sen. Marcos and Sen. Santiago that they received DAP funds., but well informed Filipinos will not be coyed to believe this administration and his allies.