• Second wind for a wastrel comedienne



    She was a Japayuki singer and dancer at age 14, and a millionaire by 15 what with her in-demand career in the neighboring country—but with a caveat that she did not amass her wealth through indecent means.

    De-virginized at age 17 by a sweet-talking handsome Filipino seaman ["No bitterness there, but lessons learned,” she quipped], she later gave birth to her eldest by a childhood sweetheart with whom she stayed married for eight years.

    Eventually, this same millionaire become a compulsive gambler and began throwing money away until the deployment of artists to Japan came to an end. She believed her misfortune was God’s way of reminding her that money doesn’t grow on trees.

    This was how Boobsie Wonderland (real name Mary Jane Arrabis) would sum up how she almost wasted a third of her life in our recent tete-a-tete when she guested in Michael Pangilinan’s concert. The show was mounted by Michael’s mentor and manager Jobert Sucaldito to celebrate the critical and box-office success of his launching indie film Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako.

    The oversized song-and-dance comedienne, famously known for her baby talk routine before joining GMA Network’s Sunday PinaSaya, recalled how she went back to zero and left with no choice but to claw her way into the comedy all over again. This followed by an opportunity to work as lounge singer in the hotels of the open cities of Middle Eastern countries.

    There, she found an opportunity to shake off her obsessive gambling habits by putting God at the center of her life and her reason for starting over again.

    Boobsie is not your typical repenting born-again Christian; she is a free-spirited Catholic who felt God’s hand patting her on the back change her life for the better.

    It was in one of her solo gigs at a hotel in Abu Dhabi where Boobsie met the love of her current life, Janet—a lesbian Filipina OFW working as lady taxi driver. Janet courted Boobsie and it did not take long for the two of them to become serious in their relationship with a vow to get married when they come home.

    As dreams do come true, Boobsie and Janet tied the knot in a simple wedding ceremony officiated by a tolerant pastor with close friends, family members, and some members of the press.

    Asked how married life has been treating her so far, Boobsie said Janet has been her life’s compass since then.

    With a hectic schedule for local and overseas gigs, Boobsie is nonetheless assured the rest of her life is booked for love.


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